Do you think Ludia will

Pull a Halloween surprise on us all and give us a single shot at Indoraptor?

I have a feeling based on how little we are getting “officially” based on the Halloween event post that they have something up their sleeves!

Like imagine waking up Halloween day and seeing a creepy green glow on the map, and then an Indoraptor loading on top of it!

Maybe asking a lot but Indoraptor IS the poster boy for Scary dinosaurs :t_rex:


I certainly hope so but I won’t be holding my breath.

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They did indo for the movie week. Would be nice but it’s one unique I’m not necessarily targeting anymore myself

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I bet darting uniques would be difficult.

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Yeah if Alankylo was anything to go by it’s going to be brutal…if it happens lol

Darting the Indoraptor in movie week was a pain. It is so unnecessarily difficult.

Yeah I’d imagine they wouldn’t want everyone breaking their DNA records on Indoraptor lol, but yeah I’m preparing myself for leaving with 20 DNA haha

If it does happen I really would like to record the footage for my new video series, but then I run the risk of the game lagging and putting latency, thus making it even harder!

Indoraptor was was swift and loping, taking abrupt turns. It escaped very quickly. I was level 11 or 12 when it came around.


That would be fantastic! I can’t imagine a better Halloween event.

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You did really well then to get 40 at that level and difficulty :hugs:

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I would cry tears of joy. Halloween is my favorite holiday and I’m so disappointed if this is all they’re doing. But I’ll hold out hope. I’ve never seen a game do so little for a major holiday event so…


Especially considering it’s their first holiday event to boot.

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Disappointed already? This is only the first day of a week long event…

I think she means based on what’s been officially announced in the thread about it!

Yeah I mean just by what’s been announced, if that’s all it is I mean.


You know if enough people want this and Ludia reads this post they have the time and means of adding Indoraptor at the last minute even if it wasn’t planned!

But remember the in game picture showing the event news shows a raptor, Trex and Indoraptor! So I the will make an appearance in some form!

Perhaps even straight up Indo DNA from an Incubator or something! Though darting would be more rewarding…though difficult from what I’ve been told​:rofl::crazy_face:

When I was a level 5 I darted indoraptor for 37.

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No, that thing was literally a turtle.

I really should watch a video of someone darting it lol.