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Do you think swap in dodge should of stayed as dodging 100% of damage?

I gotta be honest I don’t mind the cloak, evasive stance etc nerf, though I am a bit bothered by swap in dodge taking that nerf, I don’t think swap in dodge is as annoying as cloak and evasive stance, the only thing I can find swap in dodge annoying is when you have a cloaked indom and erlidom on the battle field, even by that swap in dodge didn’t deserve that nerf imo, besides, monomimus was so useful (to me) when it got it. (Yes ever since monomimus got swap in dodge it was so useful to me, countering a dc swap in, a Thor’s instant charge, etc), I know quetzorion exists and it has more health than monomimus, but the problem is that quetzorion isn’t immune unlike monomimus, so if you swap it in on a Thor’s instant charge, your most likely stunned and getting killed by that DSR, unlike monomimus being immune.


Dodge in general, no. Old dodge was terrible, an absolute RNG fest, miserable to play against, and harmful for game balance. Indoraptor dodging 10 times with a sliver of health left is not fun, nor is it good for the game.

That being said, I think Evasive Stance and cloak were the most problematic. Some of the lesser dodging moves like SI dodge, prowl, and sidestep got nerfed as a result of the general dodge change. It would be nice to see them upped back to 100% dodge chance, while keeping cloak and evasive the way they are now. I think that’s about as fair as you can get with dodge.

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I much preferred the old Dodge. It was worthwhile where now it may as not bother existing for all the good it does.

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Another way to do it

I think both scenarios are trolly as heck. On one hand, you have 100% Dodge with less than 100 Hp, and you make it? That is a bit rage inducing.

On the other hand, your opponent has about 1100 HP, and you just gotta hit them one more time…

Evasive stance is used

Now your opponent has about 700 HP left.

Oof… Instant distraction… 550 HP left.

Welp… Now you lost the game.

About an hour ago, I was in a battle and we were both 2 for 2. I had my Yoshi at about half health, and all I had left was to face a Thor and a Touramoloch. They were both at half health, but I had just used my Rampage, so I thought I was done for. But not without a fight.

Thor used DS-Impact, but I used ID. Okay. Then before the Instant Stun, I used Evasive Stance. Got the Dodge. They tried the Rampage again. With a crit even. Got the Dodge. Did my own rampage. Still didn’t die.

In the end, I won thanks to the Dodge and distraction combined. Yoshi was at less than 100 HP, while their Thor was literally struggling to kill me.

I’m not trying to showcase the trolly capability of Procerathomimus, honest. Just the ways that Evasive/Cloak can troll someone even tho it ain’t at 100% Dodge.

I wish there was a way to send a message to your opponent. Good job, or Nice Try or something.

Then again, if I was massacred by a Thor that was boosted to high heaven, and then a “Nice Try” popped on my screen, I’d feel patronized like never before…

Absolutely. Imo, at least the swap in dodge should negate 100% damage.

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