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Do you think that I am ready for the next ferocity stage? I'm not sure if my lineup will become too shallow or not

  • Keep getting rajas, spinoraptors from modded.
  • Get more tapes for a lvl 40, the tape shybrid would be good for ur jump
  • Get more lvl 40 legendaries
  • Get more VIPs (lvl 11+ when u do the jump will be good)

Your pterosaurs and carnivores could make the ferocity jump but then you would be lacking the numbers in herbivores and amphibians, just keep focusing on deepening your lineup between level 20 vip ferocity - level 40 legendary ferocity for now.


You would benefit from more depth.
The way I made my decisions at this stage was I looked at 1 to 1.5 screens worth of dinos…maybe 10 or 15 dinos and make sure you’ve got atleast 2 or 3 of each type(carnivore, herbivore, pterasaurs, amphibian).

Look at your first 2 screenshots…you would benefit from acquiring a few herbs and amphibians as Aether mentioned. Just a quick visual audit and you’ll know what areas need work.

I also used this to know not to push my top creature too far. If I don’t have the DNA/DBs to fill in gaps…I don’t do it.


Your lineup is similar to mine (tho you do seem to have been a lot more lucky than me with respect to Jurassic vips).

You do have a ton of dna tho which is good enough to fill your gaps, a couple level 20 or 21 stegoceratops and some level 20 ankylodocus will easily help make your herbivores ready for the jump, maybe some ophiacomimus for glass cannons.

The main problem (for me too) is amphibians, there’s no super rare amphibians so we are stuck with the rare ones, so you can go for level 30/40 diplotator and nundagosaurus, but otherwise there’s little choice except going for ostaposaurus which are expensive.

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I’m really unlucky with getting Stegosaurus. It is supposedly a very common silver card but I only have 4 of them :(. And as you can see, I’m very stingy about my DNA so I keep waiting to eventually get them :D. Also I think Diplosuchus is a very good choice for our level bracket. It is very cheap too. And I’m not sure if I should get more Ophiacomimuses or not. It doesn’t have a super hybrid and very expensive. And a level 30 one has good cooldown and enough stats to work in Dominator. So I might keep it at level 30.

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It is, but it’s sdna, and we will get a good amount of it in a few months, but in terms of dna investment, nundagosaurus and ostaposaurus seem to be the only options (the tournament creature like grypo and eryops are also good but the hatch times aren’t good)

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I personally think that Nundagosaurus and Ophiacomimus are worth at level 30 but not at level 40. And I’m waiting for the Gryposuchus tournament too. It would be a great addition to my lineup. As for Ostaposaurus, both of its parents are still locked in my account :(.

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