Do you think that if fight the strike towers with B team or C team would enrich your reward?

I used to do it based on my own superstitious belief. But given the fact that the time consumed is accordingly prolonged, plus the weather is more of a factor than months from now, will there be anyone who can prove I’m wrong from science perspective? :joy:

My own finding was that fighting through with A team got me something kinda inferior. Whereas B team might end up the same but not that frequent

Simply put, the game would not know what you consider A Team or B Team etc. I don’t believe there is anything here that would suggest the reward is based on the team you use.

The game would probably consider all uniques the A Team, but even still I don’t think it has any impact on rewards.


I fought the capsule tower today with a team of 12s and 11s, got the 5min one(to make matter worse it didn’t make its own space in my inventory). I will bring a team with lvl1s on Wednesday and let’s witness science haha