Do you think that tournaments are manipulated?

It’s a great achievement to win a tournament and get a good rank, but what if the tournaments in some how or by some people, the posibility to win or get a higher rank it’s manipulated? If that would be the case, It would be against the rules of the game right?

I invite the people who have information to be present, or at least communicate with ludia

Yep. By rng.

Yes. That one Season where that one Alliance from that one place is a good example of cheating.


Oh you guys need to stop already.


Ever cross your mind that maybe those players are just better than you? I mean there"s a real simple solution to almost everything and this just seems like a far reached, sore loser post because some one did not win.


If i lose a Battle or tournament it’s not Big deal, but there is more players that really needs this tournaments. And i dont understand why are you people so blind about this

You mean the group that starts with a T. and has now returned as BPeace? It was good riddance… I hope it will be again very soon."


Since when are tournaments about letting others win? You enter a tournament to win yourself. If you can not win by doing this then there an uninstall button. Or simply dont play it. Guess what those players at the top also spent the most so because they gained some back should mean a lot to you simply because it allows them to continue to spend where you lack of.


Again, It’s not a personal issue, i know there is a lot of players spent many ours and money in this Game and im okey with that, i used to play a lot.

Only that i’m pointing it’s to fairness with the Game and the players

Wow, entitled much? This is an online game based on chance and skills, you don’t receive a participation trophy.


How is it fair in any part of life to let anyone win? You dont win in life by being given everything nor should you expect it. You get better by battling the best. Guess what it’s a skill tournament that puts everyone at lvl 26 dinos with rare and below. How much more fair can you get? If you want to win simply require the tool called skill.


im all in on this convo!! images(9)


I think i know what you’re referencing, and i can say that it is completely false. That screenshot was forwarded to us probably the same time that you received it. Its a pathetic attempt to run our names through the mud again. It was probably created by one of the cheaters who were denied entry to AP or by the person who wants to cover their massive losing streak with a fake conspiracy. If you would like to continue your attempt at slander and defamation, you will be dealt with in a much more serious manner than you are prepared for.


This is the conspiracy.

VIP members are matched to other equal VIP members or lesser F2P teams which over many games helps the paying players get farther in a tournament.

F2P players are matched to other equal F2P players but higher VIP teams. This way F2P players do win games but over all do not make it as far as a paying player.

Lol. Is that a joke? I just blame rng for my loses. Play my 10 tournament battles and collect my 150 HC.

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Dunno how I placed then? #38 final rank being lvl 9?
No I wasn’t cheating. Einia stunned every time but 1, I know that.

What everyone assumes is that battles mirror your opponent. Code can easily be written so that both players lose and neither player knows the true outcome.

Hey, psst… I need to show you evidence and I dont think the others are prepared to see it so I need you to follow me into this van where I have the truth. Ok so, the aliens have informed me that its true, its all true, all the rumors are true. They tried to cover it up, they tried to hide it from the world but we know now… The moon landing was fake… And JWA tournaments are fixed.

The reality here is the people winning may be “better”, may have streaks of good luck but 100% for sure are playing 10hrs more than you a day. The real secret to the tournament’s is stamina


What will happen if he continues to exercise his right to free speech?

Men in black from your alliance will track him down?

Make him write an apology letter to your alliance on this forum?

Can you explain what; “… you will be dealt with in a much more serious manner than you are prepared for”, means.

As I’m reading it, it looks a threat.

This is a video game, and people who threaten others over a video game, should seek help.

It’s also against the law in several countries, and it’s punishable by law.

I have work experience from this field, and it looks like you made a online threat towards another person with malicious intent.


Free time and location wins tourneys.
They really need to do something about speed ties.