Do you think the raptors are overpowered?

My alliance leader, TicoBrohay, thought the raptors in Jurassic World Alive were overpowered. What do you think?

They were. 1,5 years ago. Now they’re balanced, I would even say underpowered


I have only one question

Does your TicoBrohay have a moustache like Tycho Brahe?

That is all I am truly dying to know right now


Haha! Sadly, I don’t know, though I wish I had a picture of him, that way, I could know for sure!

I don’t think they’re Overpowered. I’d say they’re pretty balanced.

If they’re not endgame material, they are definitely balanced.

That’s not true. Just because something isn’t endgame material doesn’t mean it doesn’t outclass everything else in its rarity. Miragaia isn’t endgame material, but it’s one of the best Commons, even borderline OP.

Well let me restate that then.
If they are either not endgame material or are not OP in certain tourneys, they are balanced. But with enough boosts at least half the dinos would be endgame material.
Now, some dinos may dominate the lower arenas, that may not always mean that that same dino can dominate the higher arenas. And I’m not specifically talking about how good a dino is. I’m talking about how good the raptors are.

In common tournaments, they’re tyrant. In the grand scheme, they’re no biggie.


These days they are underpowered. I played a raptor theme team last year and they did not do well. They are glass cannons, even more so these days.

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