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Do you think there are problems with game progress

I have 1 problem and that is that some missions, (for example the mission at level 39 Where Claire wants you to have 100+ dinos which I think is to much for it that point in the game,I’m only at about 70 dinos and its preventing me from progressing) are too difficult

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Just buy a lot of cheap common and you will easily reach 100

Buy lots of trikes, majungas and limnos, they should be enough

Would you mind posting a screenshot of your Mission?

It’s an annoying missions but as long as you don’t mind spending a little dna, you should be fine

Just buy lots of commons (ideally during Jurassic discounts so you can save some dna)

You will later have a bunch of have lvl 40 creatures missions so the commons you buy now will help in those as you can fuse them up pretty quickly

Probably this one

That’s interesting that there’s an Episode 21 Mission to have 100 dinosaurs and an Episode 29 Mission to do the same.

In any event, as stated above by @Chung1580 , if Story MIssions are something you want to do, the easiest way to get to 100 creatures is to hatch a bunch of Commons