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Do you think there should be a maxima nerf and tryklo nerf?

They are so OP I think it’s time to nerf but they just buff them, do you agree that all OP Dino’s should be nerfed a bit?

  • I don’t agree
  • I do!

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Note: not me of corse cause I’m new in the game but I mean OP uniques

Small nerf because they are unique so there is no reason to nerf it to the ground like procerathomimus.
For max : GDR to GDI, health 6.000 to 5700, or keep the 2 rampage, health : 5.700, damage 1150. Reason : made with one epic exclusive, one epic zone, one rare daily. (Should be strong because of exclusivity and daily creature (cannot be spawned with scent))
For tryko : lost RI, Gain Slowing Impact, health back to 4500, keep the R counter. Reason : made from 3 epic ( should be strong)


I mean, if giving DSR back to many of the creatures who lost it, or giving several other dinosaurs a Speed Resistance is too much to ask, I agree with Ozora.

A small change to Ardentismaxima, like changing one of the Rampages to an Impact (namely DSR so that DR can still be used for the Mortem raids), or completely losing one (and only one, like swap prevention) of its current resistances, I think would perfectly suffice, without making it any less useful, or drastically affect it’s current standing.

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I think there should be an instant invincibility nerf.


Yes, but raids. We need to make Maxi beatable in PvP, but not useless in raids. Perhaps add a creature with a bleeding sheild for turn one and enough HP to take it.
Honestly, the sheer number of creatures that lost bleed is part of the problem.


Yup, take away the immunity to swap from max and nerf II, and add more good bleeder

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They destroy the game actually,nerf them to the ground like procera
max need to get II block one attack,and if you want to keep his stats,then remove all his immunities and remove his resilient strike for a simple strike

Procerat’s ingredients are too easy to acquire, a nerf was warranted. Also Monomimus has ascended to its rightful place.
Maxima and Tryko’s main reason for being OP is the II for 2 turns. Before I used to beat Tryko with Utarinex nearly guaranteed, now I have to catch it off guard to even do that.


well procera need a slight hp buff,the nerf was ridiculous ,even on the epic tournament,he can’t beat sarcorixis which should be normally counter.
And even monomimus with the resilient creature and the precise abilities being everywhere are useless.

even if you remove the 2 turn shield,its still op and need a nerf

Procerath can beat other stuff though in epic tournaments. Sarcorixis is currently one of the strongest epics (and possibly the strongest epic superhybrid, it deserves its place).
Monomimus can still be useful in legendary tournaments. It shouldn’t be used vs uniques, that’s what its superhybrid unique is for.
If II were just 1 turn, it would make more creatures be its counter. Even Utarinex would be dealing heaps of damage to it. And even Erlidominus can do what it used to do before. I used to play mind games with Smaximas by speeding up whenever they used the II, then a huge rampage would kill off the Smax. A high speed Erlidom can still regain speed if using the speed up strike, so it going II would just help the Erlidom. I used to do the same thing against Trykos.
The most nerf that would be ok to smaxima after changing II back would be to make it get 1 impact instead of one of the rampages. Alternatively to lower its HP to what it used to be, because currently it allows for speed boost investment too much.
Removing all the immunities when its components have them is too big of a nerf. Also simple strike when its secodonto ancestor had a strike that removed cloak is also too big of a nerf. This thing’s ingredients aren’t so easy to acquire.


Ludia played a very clever card, so that Brachio had 6k, she gave Maxima 6k, so that he had 1.3k he increased the damage to Ardonto to 1.5k. Taking the damage into account, the half between 1k and 1.5k is 1.3k (rounding) and made it a unique raid (which affects tournaments and pvp battles).
Tryko was turned into a resilient defensive breaker, both offensive and defensive, why does he have resilience? because kentro already has resiliet impact and medium resilient counterattack. like i said ludia played a very clever card


Oh wow! I did not expect this Much messages

Also yeah I have a level 16 sarcorixis

Typical Lydia, they want money after the fall of 1.14 update (kinda boring for us)


Then, explain this “clever card”: Diplo has 6K health, so they took Gemini 6K health and nerfed it to 5400 They then didn’t look at the already KoolaGen2 1500dmg for the dmg either… So, clever and Ludia in the same sentence? Not so sure… :slight_smile:


Buff geminii buff the damage to 1500 and give it 6000 hp. Then complain a nerf again. I Will enjoy this drama

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For maxima, I think it should lose the 75% resistance to distraction for something like 25% as then creatures like magna can actually put up more of a fight. As for tryko, it should maybe lose 5% armor as then speedsters can take a bigger chunk out of it while still losing. And, the resilient moves need a bit of a rework as to not just be an upgraded superiority strike as these types of moves annoy me. Like maybe have it cleanse the crit chance reduction instead


They probably will, but they haven’t fixed IIT yet, and I’d like them to address the strength of resilient moves across the board. So I would rather they focus on those first, then we’ll see how strong Maxima and Tryko are after these changes.

i think a rework of abilities is needed for both. IIT is kind of broken on slower creatures since it blocks two attacks until the user’s next turn. Then tryko can loose RI and gain Slowing impact instead. It shouldn’t be able to cleanse distraction. not entirely sure what to do with maxima, but i would rather see more viable bleeders before i make my decision on that.


Yes, fixing IIT (for real this time) would bring them much more in line. They were very strong duelers even before this update, but this made up for the fact that they were “easy” to revenge kill with anything faster afterwards.

Now, faster creatures with a turn 1 defense shattering move are almost non-existent (or are just crappy) and essentially makes them impossible to revenge kill at all. That move alone basically got rid of their main “weakness”.