Do you think we'll get trading anytime soon?

I’m at that awkward point in the game where everything feels like a slow slog to achieve anything.

Erliko DNA? 7k+. How much do I need? 0.
Darwino DNA? 150. How much do I need? Probably in the region of 10k.
Wuerho DNA? 1k. How much do I need? Well, with legendaries taking 1k+ after level 25 and me needing 200 DNA a time, your guess is as good as mine.

I’m just sick of opening incubators and getting the same dinos I don’t need. Bonus points if I know someone else out there (in my alliance, perhaps) is desperate for it. It’s not like you can request epic DNA anyway.

Pogo introduced trading a fair while into the game, so how would we feel about introducing it to JWA? It could be limited per day - even 50 epic DNA would help me feel just a little less bored. Give it a sort of penalty, like x amount of coins requiring - something that should be used as a last resort.

Sanctuaries are great, don’t get me wrong, but not when your dino isn’t an endgame one. Plus waiting 3 hours at a time can get tiring real quick.


You prefer Pterovexus… over Erlidominus?

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Vexus is cooler, its on tastes dude.

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No, I still need Darwin DNA for collection purposes. It’s been bad timing that on most of the event weekends it’s been available I haven’t been able to get out of the house.

…That being said, no, I don’t have Erlidom on my team anymore. Replaced her with Quetzorion.

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I have talked with my team before about a market, so to speak, where you can trade dna, not just donate. I think it’s the right time to implement it. The whole “requests” and “donates” don’t do any justice to the active players that are in my alliance. It only promotes those that are severely inactive to just “ask and you shall receive” mentality. They figure why should I go out and actually hunt for the dna I need, I’ll just ask for it and be good to go. I see it over and over in my alliance. I’ve made a rule in my alliance that if you show zero trophies and ask for dna, you get zero donations. To a point it has helped but I see members only doing just enough to get trophies and then ask for dna. I feel that a marketplace for trading or bartering may help better, but it has to be fair trade. Like it would cost more of common dna for rare dna and the same going forward for rare to epic dna. I’d even like to see maybe even trading scent capsules, same concept as trading of dna. People are losing interest in repetitiveness of the game. Something new like this might help to peak interest again.

LOL! In my alliance if you have zero trophies 48 hours after season reset you get your walking papers. Only if they speak up ahead of time do they not get the boot.


I think that is pretty standard with most alliances. My alliance gives about 4 days because we factor in that real life supercedes the game

Yeah I want trading a lot now, I want to trade all my wrongneck dna (amarga, giraffa, apato) for longneck dna (dip, brachi, argent and bajada).

We REALLY need epic donations, I’m sitting on a golden mine of Baryonix, Spino 2, Raja and many others that I have no use for…

It doesn’t have to be much, just like sancs, 5 DNA for donation maybe, but it would finaly be something!

Ludia will trade you real money for more bugs.