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Do YOU want community designed hybrids (Poll)?

How do you do the pie chart?

Top secret. :shushing_face:
What do I get if I tell u? :sunglasses:

Nah, jk…:partying_face:
When u build a poll there is the option chart type and usually it shows bar. Just change it to pie. :grin:

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If you do not win these contests I will lose all hope for humanity.

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Thank you

Arrrgh, 10 characters!

Love this idea @GermanRaptor!

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U seem to be pretty good at organizing stuff (looking at the well organized community challenges :smiley::+1:t2:), would u be interested in helping with organizing the hybrid selections?

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Community designs - yes.
Community abilities/stats - no.i

Instant Death FTW.

Just wondering, why are u against community given stats and abilities? :smiley:
This wouldn‘t mean that the designers had to create completely new abilities. Most fanmade hybrids have realistic, ancestor based stats and abilities. :slight_smile:

Mainly because threads with fan-designed reworks or new dinos, a lot of the proposed stats / abilities are crazy OP.
Plus, from what I can see from poll results, most of the community vote for what they will personally benefit the most from, not what is best for the game itself.

If this does happen, Ludia doesn’t need to add a hybrid with the exact stats and abilities, they can adapt It If It isn’t balanced. Also, the design has to fit a model, so there’d probably be adjustments on that too. If they do accept to do such an event, they would do It on their own terms and I’m totally fine with that. When It comes to balancing, i don’t trust my sense to be completely on point, so it’s only fair that they modify the fan made hybrid a bit to fit the game properly. Besides, some balanced hybrids have been made by the community.


I think it’s fine for the community to make their own stats, because sometimes the natural mixture between two or three components would make a very strange and confused creature. I think it would be best for the community to make their own moves and stats just to at least get a basic idea in how the creature would fit into the game. What kind of meta does it define? What niche does it fill? Does it create a new niche? It would be fun seeing what move combinations the community comes up with. But for proper balancing, Ludia would have the say so on the final statistics


Ludia having the final say in balancing… That’s flipping hilarious

Sure I can try my hand at organizing :slight_smile: just let me know the details of what you want me to do :+1:


So how’s this turning out?