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Do you want more APEX rarity

Just asking because i want more

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Does all apex dinos are just upgraded versions of nonhybrids? I personally think they will add more apex soon!


Yes i think just upgrade non hybrid

What if they create something like apex indom😶.
Its design probably will looks like similar to indom level 40 in jw the game


Maybe maybe maybe

I think yes, I don’t think that morty will be the only apex, that would be silly

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Goat and Lord Lythronax.

Maybe maybe maybe

Lord Lythronax should be deity rarity.


Lord lythronax is not dino he a deity

I suggest that you edit that three letter word that starts with ‘g’ and ends with ‘d’, unless you want to get flagged


I believe the epic legendary and unique are just BIG versions of their regular forms.

Mortem Rex or whatever is the only new Apex creature we are getting. We will be able to create and use it but it will be balanced.

They said they will add more diversity in the future. As mentioned I’m sure Lord Lythronax will be one for sure and maybe even the goat.

If they did an indominus Rex it would just be larger like lord lythronax. Just because they go to Apex tier doesn’t seem to change their appearance other than size.

I wonder if there’ll be hybrids in Apex? I kind of hope so but we obviously don’t know.

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