Do you want to be a Northern Raptor? |REGISTRATION OPEN|

Are you an active player which are looking for more raids? A better market? Just nicer people? Then join the NorthernRaptors.

Everyone needs to try their best to:

  • See what raids around you and others at least every other day.
  • Get daily incubators and have 500 trophies at least 7 days within each season!
  • Get 10 kills during the tournament weekends.
  • Don’t be afraid to request and try your best to donate (〃⌒∇⌒)
  • Be friendly~ As a pack we must stay together and be grateful for the gods (the leaders) in order to survive.
  • Be active! If something happens where you have to go offline for more than 10 days, you need to let your brethren know so we can prepare for your temporary dempature.
  • And all in all, stay motivated (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و the winters are harsh, the creatures are destructive. We must conquer and triumph our enemies in order to succeed for our greater good.


We have officially gotten a discord server, which will be the main chatroom and way for forum users to apply for our group :slight_smile: Just make sure to stay friendly when you enter the server. Reach us with~ SovietBears#4180, Razorfang#9055, or TheRedDragon91#7764.

If you do not have discord, then feel free to comment or message me in the DMs.

Hello,Im an active player with 4600 points and i wondered if i could join your alliance? Here is some pics from my account.image image

Hello~ Of course of course. Would you like to add me on discord or just go straight to the alliance? Discord is optional though we are trying to reccomend it. Currently the game is under maintenance till 10:30

Closed at OP’s request