Dodge and cloak

I think all doge and cloak moves should have a 100% chance to doge 66.7% of damage. A lot of the times I am counting on my spinocon or IdoT to dodge in order to when a battle but the amount of times I lose because of rng like that just make me mad. I think all dodge moves should be 100% to dodge would lead to a lot more strategy in the game because right now the game is so dependent on rng in order to win. I would just like to see a new level of strategy in this game instead of it being so rng dependent. With all the resilient moves in the game to remove dodge and cloak I really do not see a big problem with making dodge 100% to dodge.

Let me know your thoughts on this


Honestly, it should depend on the additional effects and the creature overall.

I don’t think Indotaurus should have 100% chance to dodge because of it’s kit, but the likes of Indoraptor, Erlidominus, and a few others should be able to have a 100% chance to Dodge because they’re pretty reliant on Dodging in general, and having that 100% chance would be giving them a much needed edge over the newer, nearly broken Cunnings currently running around.

I’m honestly fine with Spinoconstrictor having only a 50% Dodge chance since it’s really just Lethal Wound with the added Dodge effect, but I wouldn’t say no to a slight buff to 75% though.

Instant Ambush and Camouflage should, on the other hand, take a slight hit to their Dodging abilities since they inflict Distraction as well as buff the user’s Speed and Crit chance.


They can actually do the difference between the cloaks.
IndoT cloak is a different move since it taunts.
I like the idea especially more for erlidom since his dodge is less reliable and thats his only saving grace for him.