Dodge bug

after the update, dodge sometimes disappears…and indo/chicken get hit heavily…

Did u get nullified? What dino were u fighting?

no…dodge gone after the first hit…for no reason

Yes…if your opponent hits you with a nullifying move, your dodge is gone.

of course not…if someone use nullifying creature i won’t use dodge…that’s basic sense

Have not encountered such a problem before. Maybe you should report it

Hey Cl_L, could you email our support team at with more information such as the date and time the issue occurred so our team can investigate? Make sure to include your support key in your email as well. Thanks!

sent them today while i had the same dodge problem again. also the damage preview/check error bug is still not solved since introducing the flying creatures…

Just happened with me and indo vs indo. We both cloak and i won in round 2. Irex cames out and i no evade lol

I get that i go to see what the damage count would be and its on 0 then when i attack it doesn’t kill them and i get beat

so many people had reported these 2 bugs, but no correction made at all…

two big bugs: indo / momonimus 's dodge disappear, damage preview / check incorrect. reported but no fix …

did the original developers leave the company and no one can handle it?