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Dodge? complete waste of time?

I honestly give up with this game, what is the point of dodge, it never ever ever works! doesn’t matter what level I am or face, I never dodge a thing, fed up, bored of the same old rubbish.

old mechanics was 50% full damage 50% full avoid damage.

I prefer old mechanics but…

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It does work but you notice the times it fails more than the times it does. Human nature unfotrunately.

So did I to be fair.


same. but pretty sure CS would be immensely more broken if it was the old mechanics.

Can’t argue with that.


I’m gonna change game language. I’m sometimes lost with English abbreviations

Cautious Strike.


ok “asalto cauteloso” in Spanish.

I call it “that stupid attack again” hahahahah


Tambien hablas español :3

So did I, I really thought nobody else did lol.

I preferred it because you got a bit more survivability out of your creature. Now it just gets whittled a way a bit at a time.

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Yep, exactly. I especially loved Indoraptor and Procerathomimus 1.6 the stats where actually balanced then, they where both great.


Problem is: most started complaining about nerfing dodge as it made the creature invincible… mind you this was before the new creature abilities. Now it’s been nerfed but the new creatures can counter easily. So the nerf in fact became useless… I’m afraid this will always be the case. They nerf creatures right before a perfect counter gets released making the creature utterly useless in PvP


I agree that the problem back then was a lack of creatures that were able to counter dodge. Nowadays, we have plenty of moves - precise and nullifying ones. Dodge bothers me a lot these days, simply because I hate seeing my opponent dodge 6 moves in one battle and then their Thor comes along and chomps straight through my own evasion on the first turn then is guaranteed to finish my dino off with an IC.


So true, especially against when I’m against super boosted dinos that somehow do 2,500 damage or more with dodge. It’s comes to the point that I won’t do evasive stance or cloak if my dodger has lower than 1,500 health where it was a legitimate strategy in 50/50 days.


But I don’t miss Indoraptor getting stunned after Evasive Stance. That was the worst.


Was funny today. I brought in Erli and cloaked, they had Thor. Dodge failed miserably and the first chomp almost killed me. Then they used instant charge, which finished it up. Fine, no way I am winning this one I figured, so brought out my Thor and took out theirs. Then they brought in their ProRat, which went evasive and I figured it was all over. The perfect game for them. Amazingly their evasive did not work either! Ended up winning that match.

So yeah, it works, both ways sometimes.

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I miss those days when my Monostego Stuns an Indo.

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You are right except for Indoraptor Gen 2 dodge works every single time ;/

of course I do

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