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Dodge doesn’t work

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Bug Description: Dodge not working

Area is was found in: Aviary arena

How do you reproduce the bug:
Step 1- using Indoraptor and Indoraptor G2
Step 2 - Using evasive stance or cautious strike
Step 3 - the enemy always get full damage (no dodge)
(add more if needed)

How often does it happen: always

What type of device are you using: IPhone XR

Anything else? (add screenshots or additional information here)

Seeing same problem, dodge on Indoraptor Gen 2 - disappears, after just activating.

Happened also when opponents attack with Indoraptor - single or cleansing attack. Also dodge just disappears for no reason at random! - maybe it went for a coffee !

Also Indoraptor dodge disappears half way through a turn, all the time.

Also Priority shield not working at all, same when opponents use theirs. Plus Invisible shields - does it have one or not !

That’s a bug, they’re working on fixing it today.

Anyway, Evasive Stance has been nerfed to a 50% chance, so you’re more likely to not dodge than before. But this is still RNG, so you’re probably just unlucky.
I’ve been playing every day since the update and my opponent has only failed to dodge once so far.

As for Cautious Strike, the evasion wears off after a counter-attack, so beware of counter-attackers.

It was dodge wearing off after Cleansing attack by Indoraptor.
I tried it myself, and the Indoraptor Cleansing attack removed both their dodge and speed boost !

Something screwed up there, Cleansing attack is supposed to remove negatives on your Dino - not opponents Positives.

Hopefully they will fix the issue.

Ah, that isn’t a bug, it’s the same as the Instant Invincibility fiasco. Basically turns for shields and evasion are now counted whenever the user makes a move, as opposed to the opponent. It has nothing to do with the Cleanse.

Dodge is definitely not working properly based on number of turns or attacks etc.

Dodge/evasion was only activated, and when Opponent or me attacked dodged Dino (1st attack on turn dodge activated) with Cleansing attack, dodge disappeared.

I have also seen Dodge randomly disappear - half way through a turn.

Happened several times, so fully aware it is game bug.

Anyway since game changes, the use of Dodging has been destroyed by Ludia Developers.

Have you read my post?

For example, say an Indoraptor uses Evasive Stance. When it uses its third move since using ES, the evasion will wear off. That’s how that works now.

Also, Evasive Strike and Cautious Strike don’t cover both attacks and counter-attacks anymore.

These are both intended.

I am talking about first attack (Cleansing Attack) by Indoraptor against Dodged Indoraptor Gen 2 removed it dodge and speed boost on same turn as it used Cautious Strike.

You obviously are not understanding the game issue or question !!!

Also game is fixed to give some players unfair advantage.

For example.

Always (meaning every battle) battling opponents in Arena above me, I have 4800+ trophies they are in 5000+ Arena (even ones I beat)- as per their current arena level. Now that is not fair. Why am I blocked from battling opponents in same arena as me?

With 30-40% critical Dino’s, I get critical less than 15% of time. My opponents even score critical with 5% Dino’s, more than I score Criticals with Dino’s that have 20-40% critical hit chance - that is not bloody fair.

My 75% immunity to stun Dino’s have been stunned 10 out of 10 times - my opponents (0% immunity Dino’s), well my stun hasn’t work on them, so far!

Tournament, with same speed and level Dino as opponent, they get to go first 90% of time (based on around 35 instances).

Dodge today as example failed 67% of time.

Oh. That doesn’t make sense then. Don’t know what to say to that.

I’m not sure about the matchmaking issue you mentioned, but everything else is just RNG. You can’t blame the game if you have bad luck.

In order to expose any discrepancy in the RNG numbers you would have to test it countless times to get a definitive idea of what the probability of each outcome is, you just can’t tell from a few matches.
The more you play, the better of an idea you’ll get.

Probably game bug. Hopefully it has now been fixed. Will only know if bug fixed, when battle and Indoraptor uses cleansing attack against dodged Indoraptor Gen 2.

Both are fairly useless Dino’s, since Ludia’s nasty update.