Dodge doesn't stop bleeding?

I had Indoraptor and one of those bleeders as
the opponent. Even my creature was faster and dodged ,
she anyway started to bleed… hm?

thats correct - you can be stunned, bled or distracted through the dodge if your creature isn’t immune.

it’s not life logic, it’s game logic.


if your dino does not have this in the description, it can bleed, get stunned, distracted or slowed…


We know that

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Swapping is the only thing to stop a bleed besides immunity!

Give them time! Once the babies complain they will make it bleed through immunity and prevent swapping during bleeding!


It’s the same like when Indo can be slowed, distracted or stunnend while evasion is active, even when the dmg part doesn’t hit.

an indo’s cleanse will also stop the bleed.

Anyone else’s cleanse work? And you mean cleansing impact correct?

i tagged him not you lol.

I didnt tag you either

yeah but you clearly are talking to me… so im clearly telling YOU that i wasnt talking to you. anyways… tag you’re it

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But it dodged - so “funny” game logic … the only logic should be “you dodge” or “not”, simple…

it clearly says chance to dodge damage not effects. you can be stubborn or play the game :innocent:

Evasive Stance says it gives you a 50% chance to dodge DIRECT damage, as in a hit. Bleeds are Damage Over Time, so it still makes you bleed.
Indo does have a cleanse though so when you see a Spinotahsuchus come out, he will in all likelihood go straight for his bleed first, so you should open with your cleanse!

Fight would go -

  1. Spinotahsuchus goes first - Uses Bleed
  2. Indo goes second - Uses cleanse removing the DoT b before it does any Tick damage

If he is clever an anticipated the cleanse, you can start with Critical hit and make the Indo waste cleanse, THEN go for the bleed!

Of course the above could go badly if the Indo goes straight for evasive and dodges the crit, but thats why its a Scissor > Paper > Rock game…nothing is certain! Only Death lol