Dodge, Evade and Cloak Broken

So I did a little experiment and found out that if I use Dodge, Evade or Cloak I am hit 100% of the time AND if someone ELSE uses Dodge, Evade or Cloak I WILL hit them 100% of the time. :smiley:
There is NO way that this is possible for it to happen multiple days and battles in a row 100% of the time without at least one actual miss. Try it yourselves. I’ve been able to take down a lot of players higher than me, because they keep relying on these!

They took out complete misses. You’re guaranteed to get hit for at least 1/3 of the damage whenever you use dodge.

This changed in 1.8 as stated in the patch notes. Also if you read the description ingame for dodge, evade etc you will see it has changed.


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Ya frustrating got killed all the time in the last 10 times, indoraptor and indominus both has become useless😩

From what I’ve seen on both my accounts (Erlidominus on my main level 20, Indominus on my level 12), cloak often still works well enough for my dino to survive and deliver that nice boosted rampage. Other times I get taken out with crits even when cloak works.

I did take my level 30 Indoraptor off my main account when 1.8 dropped though. No immunity.