Dodge, Evasive abilities, Creature levels


Could you please do finally something about these things?!

I recently lost 500 trophies… My dinosaurs are useless…

  • I get too often 3-4 levels higher creatures, in these bottles it matters

-dodge, evasive doesn t work… While my opponent wins a whole game with one , the same creature, if the random system does not drop me my nullifying creatures in…

I lost all these trophies due to that, I don t care what is automatic or not… Change the algorhytms, because this is really annoying. I want to move further in the arena not being stucked… I wrote before : 50-50 the chance of dodge and stuff… My chances are zero, till the other 100, so please.

Fix please the algorhytms to a more fair way because this is ridiculous. Of course 3x3 levels higher creatures can beat the weaker, I can be a master tactisist, but if the other hits stronger, I cannot do miracles… Especially if dodge even does not work. I am almost level 18 and I still be on 4000 points, from 4500…
I lost everything, very frustrating and annoying.

That happens to me too. Sometimes you have a Bad Time… in the last 3 weeks i lost 500 trophey … i lose more fights that i win. I Fall down in the lower Arena…
Which Dinos do you use

I’ve lost 400 trophies in a couple of days, it’s getting ridiculous now, people said use gorgo against trago, yep doesn’t work at all, get stunned and rampage plus the counter on trago I get one hit off. People are swapping out like crazy, they are dodging like crazy also. Not having fun in battles at all anymore, also they say get trago yourself, it’s so long and tedious I’d rather not

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I don’t mind of loosing, altough I wonder how the others manage to be on much higher trophies then. Because this that in 3 days I loose 500 is crazy.

I do agree… This swapping is very annoyimg, altough many times I beat them down because they leave swapped with half life.

They should really do something with these things. A more stable algorhytm would help eventually.

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I lose 23 fights in a das…

Don’t rely too much on chance moves. Adjust your strategy to what you’re facing. Against dodgers nullifying moves are your friends :wink:

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