Dodge feels like 20% now

Maybe it’s just my bad luck, but if it is, I don’t remember it being THIS bad before. I barely ever seem to dodge at all now, I always take the full damage instead of just 66%. And on that low chance that I dodge, it’s when I’m at about 200hp and gonna lose anyway.

I want to replace Erlidom but I don’t know who with. I need to save those boosts but everything in the arena is too fast for me not to use them…

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I was thinking the same thing. My Erlidom has been hit right through cloak like 4 or 5 straight times. Erlidom has been relegated to a 1 Trick pony. Bring it in for that big turn 1 damage, expect your opponent to swap in Tryko or Dioraja, turn 2 die or force a manual swap and take a big hit.

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For me it has always been like that… Still, the few times I dodged, it made all the difference in the world… now it rarely does… If you don’t dodge twice you’re practically dead against most creatures in meta… Even if you’re faster, there’s Thor, Utasino and Rinex with their IC…

I have no other choice but take out my tier 7 erlidom too. It became my weakest link since the update. Used so much boost on it! What a waste ! This is why I’m pro with boost reset every update or even just every 3-6 months .

I haven’t fought an Erlidom yet, but my experience with fighting other dodging dinos is that their dodge triggers atleast 75% of the time. That’s probably just my luck, but thinking realistically I would say that it’s a fair representation of the 66%. I’m not saying Ludia shouldn’t look into it based on what ya’ll are saying, but on my end it feels like it’s working as intended. I also wanna take this chance to say I also like the change they made allowing some damage to come through, it really has erased those rare occurences where a dinos dodge would trigger 100% of the time and really give my enemy an unfair advantage.

Since 1.8, I have benched my Indor, leaving Erlidom as my only dodger in my team, but still facing many Indor and Erlidom in the arena (I am bouncing between Aviary and Library). I seldom use cloak. Last time my speeded-up Erlidom faced an Indor having over 5k HP, the opponent used Evasive, and I used Speed-up Strike, Indor failed to dodge but still had 4k HP which I could not one-shot it using Rampage even it could not dodge, I then cloaked, he rampaged me, I dodged successfully. I then rampaged Indor, he failed the dodge and died.
So it seems dodging still works 50%, but still needs to be verified with more examples.

How is your opponent using a dodger unfair advantage, not their fault if you choose to not use nullifiers, not their fault if you use one, but didn’t get it in the battle either.

What do you think of this suggestion I made not long back?

I would like to switch the dodge mechanism back to what it was before 1.8.

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