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Dodge poll in the in-game mailbox

Looks like Ludia wants our feedback for dodge moves.

That’s good. Butchering it as they did, it deserves another look.

I’m thankful that old dodge wasn’t one of the poll options. Old dodge was completely stupid and single handedly made me cringe when I set foot in the arena.

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I like the 3 turn suggestion, with increasing or decreasing based on how the first dodge went. Can’t wait to see any form of this implemented!


I liked the options they gave us. Basing everything around a single move that gets the highest gets everyone thinking about what dodge mechanic has more or less chance to not get hit. And the increase/ decrease of chance depending on failed and successful attempts takes a bit more rng out of the game.

Well a 50% chance to dodge 66% damage in a game where high-damage dealing makes that 33% still pretty crippling made three last change inferior to shields.

100% chance to mitigate 50% is vastly better than 50% chance to mitigate 66%. While there are still plenty of defense-shattering moves shields need to contend with, there are a ton of nullifiers in current use as well. If it’s going to be in the game it might as well be competitively useful.

I’m getting an internal error when I try to load the poll…


I like the fact they intend to improve side step…

Same here.

Also, stop spamming in game mail with tap joy and maybe more people will start clicking it.


If they follow through on the sidestep change, my orion is going to be very happy.

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Let’s not forget Phorusaura, or Stripey Ostrich

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Is there a link for the survey? When I tapped the mail in game, it gave me a database error and now I can’t get back to it.

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Same, could not view or vote in it.

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Hi, thank you for trying to take the poll, We are looking into why you may not have been able to load it. If possible can you try on another browser?

Hey Keith,

Tried it on Chrome and Firefox. Same error: " CDbConnection failed to open the DB connection."

I also chose the option of more chance of dodge after one fails and less chance after it succeeds. I think that’ll be interesting, and kind of a buff to the users, since it will improve the chances to dodge at least once, and one is usually all it takes to make a difference.


Yes. It’s a dodgy dodge poll. Working as intended. :joy:


Internal server error. Lol.


Does anybody have link to that? Mine doesn’t work :confused:

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Which of your media outlets is the poll available on? I know you like to spread them around and not post ALL the pertinent updates in one single place. Checked Twatter, no poll. Checked FaceCrook, no poll option there either.

I do not have the option to use another Browser, as the option to link to the poll through the game is no longer an available option once I clicked it.