Dodge & Shield Improvements (Turn Sets)

Let’s say you put up a shield, or try to set up a dodge. Then you want to hit or heal, suddenly that dodge or shield is gone even though it was supposed to last longer. Maybe you haven’t even hit yet for some reason you have a disappearing buff just because you made a move which counts as an ‘attack’.

I’m not sure if anyone really agrees with me on this subject though I feel like that when it says that it lasts a turn and 2 attacks, the attacks should signify the enemy’s attacks, not yours. Or else shields wouldn’t fully protect you from the enemy but rather just be a nuisance to yourself. If anyone has a better idea on this, feel free to comment and discuss.


It’s the turn part that’s the culprit here, not the attacks.


I’ve seen people state that but I’ve noticed that the attacks also put an account into it as well. A main example is my purrolyth with his shield/heal combo. Since it’s priority if I heal the shield goes away before the turn has started.

But if you fight orion and it puts up invincibility it will stay up for move after move after move if you don’t actually attack. One of the reasons I dropped Dilorach as heals didn’t count towards the opponents shield finishint.

Your move ends the turn. If you use a priority move, you’re ending the turn early.

That’s because the attacks (for shields) do refer to the opponent’s attacks, the OP is mistaken.
In Orion’s case it’s 2 attacks or 3 turns, whichever comes first. It’s usually best to attack both times and get rid of the shield a turn early.