Dodge skill error

Since the last update all the hits reach me despite having activated the skills of dodging the blows

Why i want false Dodge skills??

Since 1.8 dodge now provides a chance of dodging 66% of the attack, as per the description. Therefore dodge/cloak dinos either fail and get full hit, or dodge and get 33% hit.


Ok thanks. I have seen this situación after i have wroten muy message.
Then, i think may be you should change the mame if this skill…XD

Maybe just try reading the description of the skill instead.

Dodging is not the same as reducing the damage of the hit …

For example, In the description of monomimus abilities, it is said that there is a 100% chance to avoid direct damage, and it is not true.

This is a constructive criticism, if you do not change the descriptions of the skills it seems there is a bug, regardless of whether there is an announcement of those changes in the forum.

I think the most appropriate is to adapt the definition to those changes.

a greeting

Earlier I told you just try reading the description of the skill. Your response is further evidence that you can’t pay attention to even that simple task.

I’ll spell it out for you… the description for Monomimus says:

“100% chance to Dodge 66% of direct damage for 1 turn. Bound for 1 turn.”

What part of that is not true?

The part that dodge means you are not getting hit :slight_smile: Semantics, but whatever.

He’s not talking about semantics though. He’s plainly ignored the 66% part.

Correct, but ever played dodgeball? If you dodge, you will not feel anything. :stuck_out_tongue:

I understand where you are coming from, but ever been sprayed by a machine gun (I hope you say no lol) you may dodge some bullets whilst running zig-zag.

Ah, you mean shooting, like the dilophosaurus spit :wink: yeah, some of that stuff would definitely get on your shirt if you dodge a bit.

Surprisingly though, I have never been shot at.

Read the description dude! It changed!