Dodged the meta bullets

After a comment last night my alliance leader posted about my teams, thoughts about things drifted in and out of my head over the course of today. In the end, one that seemed to stick was how lucky I was to dodge the “keeping up with the metas” bullet. I think that comes down to two reasons… First, I was never in an alliance early on, so I never got stuck with months of sino as a reward - so I never really made all its associated hybrids. This leads to the second reason - since everyone else was able to make them they were all I faced, and I learned to hate them, fast. As a result I built teams around which I could defeat said annoying creatures, along with most of the other usual suspects.

I also like to have fun, and playing the same stuff over and over and over again is not fun.

So, the other night a benched a long time, highly boosted team member. My Indominus. I decided it was time for one dino I’ve wanted for a long time to step up. Geminititan. Not because of the move change, or any of that, but because I have wanted a unique sauropod for ages. Now there are two and I wanted BOTH on the team. So, I unboosted indom, and gemini got most of them - all but one attack and all the speed - those went to phorus, who is now a team member along with my L30 stygidaryx that I never gave up on. Why? Because I liked it, no other reason. Well, now it’s super useful and I’m having a blast!

When it works out just so… it’s so sweet to cleansing swoop from daryx to phorus, and get the stun. Or maybe swoop from daryx into dimo and double the bleed… or simply swap to carbo when an erlidom is about to rampage and shrug off the hit.

How about you? Chasing the meta? In a race to get your thor and tryko and erlidom to 30 asap? Or like to play stuff that makes them run away severely damaged, or better yet - drop to the ground in a heap?

Have a weird team you’re proud of too?

(gemini hit 4/4/0 today)


I’m also chasing after Daryx like you did! She is surprisedly good against Tryko and Dio or even Erlidom in some cases :heart_eyes:

Here’s my team.

Apparently I just leveled up Tryko from lv.23 to lv.30 yesterday (RIP my saving :rofl:) and looking forward to see if he can help my team going to the shores or not

Blue was lv.27 before the introduction of both Indo2s so I don’t plan to fuse Indoraptor2 until I raise her to lv.30 first. Now she is fully grown but I still have another project to do so I don’t think I will invest on Indoraptor2 soon.

Spinosaurus is kinda weak but it can be used as bulk bleeder to fight with anything non-immune around here.

Dracorex is magically anti-cloak/evasive bullet. Always love to launch him at those pesky dodgers.

Monostegotops is the main reason that I can still maintain myself on Gryrosphere.

Only Boosts Blue (4,16,10) and Rexy (0,20,10). The others are unboosted for now


This is what I’m currently trying out. Climbed from 4780 to 4999. Droppedd again today but that’s rng.

Still working out what I like the best. Tenonto, grypo and dio are getting switched around a decent amount. May switch out erlidom as well soon.

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How is going with Daryx? Always liked it but the meta is unfriendly…what can you tell me?

My main account is fairly meta heavy - although I don’t see that many other L30 Tryos :smiling_imp:; my alt is going to be very different as I have decided not to create any uniques and will be taking the legendaries and epics all the way. Actually managed to get this team to high aviary and on the cusp of library - regularly defeat teams of meta L23-L25 boosted uniques.

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Works well with other swappers, or coming in on low health stuff, now that it can’t escape. Very effective in the right situations. Dio, grypo, even inodos are good targets.

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Sick team! Love the high level turtle :heart_eyes: If I wasn’t obsessed with dinodex I would have leveled mine as well.

Thats really similar to my fun team i drop and play with…i find it to be very fun to play.

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Thats actually a smart thing to do, building teams that counter the meta. Most go for meta like everyone else, but if your team is designed to thrash that meta, YOU are the meta!

Glad to hear that players are still having fun in the game.


My Puru is still unboosted since it tends to do its job without and I was considering replacing it. But now that it has no escape I am reconsidering.

Nothing says stop being spoiled by uniques that do so many things that you forget creatures have types, like having Miragaia trash your uber boosted Max. Puru is also capable of this at times too.


Oh man, I would love to face your teams in the arena, hoping we get matched soon, looks fun!

oh my. diplotator and miragaia lv 30. :rofl:
i dislike facing both of them. great all around team.

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I stay firmly in the Library.
I’ve also gotten so tired of feeding Nasutoceratops. It’s almost sad that I plan going to the bathroom at work to be the time I need to switch 3 hour incubators and “play with my dino”. I keep up my spirits by thinking how horribly inappropriate it would sound to tell someone you are going into the bathroom to do this. :smiling_imp:

I would like to feed something like Purussaurus but no one is running a Carbo in my neck of battles and it has really thrown people off and gotten the occasional 1/3 and even the rare 0/3 sweep.

@Fedora - how do you get your team to display like that with the boosts showing?

that’s a part of the field guide. you add them to your load out after you type in how many boosts are on it.

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Qview is right. I did it in reverse though.

I added them to the Load out My Team then tapped on them there. Adjusted the boosts, and used the back arrow in the app to back out.

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Yeah, just needs a Sarcorixis in there. Dreadful * shiveres *

Hey @TrainerBossTom ! Do you have the JWA Field Guide app?