Dodgestrich time

Finally unlocked the dodger it’s taken me out so many times but it’s got to go on my team, thanks to the blue 7 step strike tower also got a nice 50 on it


Have fun with the funky chicken.


Oh no not another one :expressionless:


:joy: Unfortunately yes

To dodge or not to dodge, that is the RNG

Need to be getting my galli dna up so i get get myself one

To be or not to be…not to be.

Just don’t use evasive against another one. I had my doh! moments several times :man_facepalming::man_facepalming:

Have some of mine -

Omg, I levelled nine to 17 a couple of days ago… And omg the dodges on this red ostrich! My dodgestrich vs I-Rex: I be dodging like it was the Matrix!

Question: why do they always try to Cloak in front of Monomimus? Like, did they forget about that NULLIFYING IMPACT??!!

Honestly, it must be so funny to see their faves when their 30 ft serial killer dies pitifully and can’t hit my dino. :joy::joy::joy::sweat_smile:

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Don’t happen to know someone how has aload of mono do you aswell lol

Totally got the “Last Action Hero” quote there :stuck_out_tongue:

Apart from Invincibility Emu, I also call Monomimus “MonoMissAnMiss” :crazy_face:

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I wish lol

That thing is supposed to be an l1 spawn but never seen one out in the wild where i live between that dilo and megla the dinos i want looks like i can never get i been trying for meglasuchus for months now and no luck at all and with dilo it isn’t even level 15 yet

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My Ourano is still only level 14…cant even get it to 15 to start fusing the legendary spitter, of which ive got heaps of Dilo DNA saved up!

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Haha i see ourano frequently round here but no dilo haha must have split them up like most of them

Because those are either A) brainfarts or B) players who don’t know how to play and they have noticed that they can only win if they are lucky and therefore they don’t know how this game works and only rely on evasive/ cloak.

Just hit a 5-dodge streak in lockdown with gally. Thank you, RNG gods!

Haha i am on a good run of dodges with the indom on 13 out of 16 at the moment

Just unlocked my Monomimus yesterday, so far today, it is 1 of 7 on successful dodges…