Dodging is starting to irritate me - how's it in higher arenas?

Seriously, it’s all people use in the library.

Indoraptor 2? Evasive Stance. Dodge, Dodge, Dodge.
Indoraptor? Evasive Stance. Dodge, Dodge, Dodge.
Yoshi? Evasive Stance. Dodge, Dodge, Dodge.
Erlidom? Cloak. Dodge, Dodge.

I’ve been constantly losing to teams who only manage to win thanks to luck. Needless to say, my own luck with dodge is atrocious (but only when I get to 4200+ - anything less and I suddenly dodge everything around me). I’m so bored of having entire battles determined solely based on the fact that people can dodge 5 times in a row.

Are the higher arenas any better for this? Or are they just as bad as the library?


Man you should have seen Monomimus in its prime, I actually nicknamed the thing ‘Invincibility Emu’ coz it was common to see 6 and even 9 consecutive dodges!

Oh and back then dodge blocked 100% of the damage so, yeah if you didnt draw your nullify dinosaur and it started this dodging streak, you lost…plain and simple, cant win a match by way of 3 kills when you cant kill it, and obviously they never swapped it out.

These days they have thing like precise attacks which would have been AWESOME back then!

I do agree though it sucks losing simply because of RNG. Its one thing to get outplayed (or rather out SPENT these days) but to lose coz they dodge everything, or crit 99% of the time or they win all the speed ties (coz they aren’t Australian), just sucked big time!

They did offer some ideas to fix things like speed ties in the shill survey they did a while back, but the results didnt line up with their plans so they just said whatever.


Before boosts, dodge was insanely broken. It either made you win battles you should lose or lose battles that you should win.

Dodge failing effectively changed the tides of battles. Monomimius was nerfed becauze it literally countered the meta.


Dodge is much more balanced now as others have said. It really isn’t that bad.


The way this game goes you hate dodging and every match feels to rng based up to the point you have multiple answers to dodge… then it becomes a non factor. Currently have 3 dinos that have null or definite and a fourth who can hit through evasive so its seldom i dont have atleast one answer to evasive.

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Agreed and at least it’s not like indo was at the beginning, Where if you evaded she took no damage what’s so ever can’t remember didn’t she have cloak originally as well been a while

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Probably will get worse after this week due to special events featuring echo and blue. I’m expecting to see more higher level indo g2, currently battling in low library. Definitely not fun facing those, if you dont have proper counters. I’m gonna fight fire with fire, if you know wat I mean lol.

Dodge is actually only counter to those speedy and monster Thors roaming through Library and those really fast speedsters.

Why should I boost my team just, cause some emptied their wallets to max boost Thor, when I can use Evasive or Cloak?

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Say hello to my little friend!

I call him “Nullifying Impact”

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I don’t see Yoshi anymore, but for the others I use Precise counter, Nullifying impact, DSR, Definite strike, or go evasive myself.

never should have been in the game to begin with. Imagine if NFL games just stopped after this


and the 2 teams involved actually playing had nothing to do with the outcome?
we’d have JWA


Nah its more like a field goal punt where occasionally a wayward kick hits a seagull and goes between the sticks.

Or when running for a touchdown and a defender falls down instead of tackling you so you score. You need to put in the effort to choose the right moves and sometimes you get rewarded for it.

As others have mentioned, the coin flippy dodge was worse, although back then there weren’t as many evasion dinos. I’ve added two more nullifiers to my team because I’m tired of Indo2 shenanigans.

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It’s hit or miss.