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Dodo bird update

Post ideas for dodo birds or other creatures here

I fear that if we do get dodo in Jurassic world alive, all it’ll be is a food item for a Dino in a sanctuary

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Huh? What do you mean by that.

Oh wrong dodo

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We need the dodo bird, that way, snack time for me :yum: :snake:

An idea for a move:
Sacrifice: the dodo Loses all the hp but regenerate 50% of the Health of all the other dinosaurus

:expressionless: Y-ME?

Honestly, why does everyone hate the dodo bird? Anyway, I have an idea from a different post I will put here.

15 crit
0 armor
minor rending counter attack
immunity passive
possible hybrids
bajatonodon + dodo
10 crit
10 armor
dig in
greater stunning rampage
rending takedown
decelerating counter
immunity passive

I am horrible at drawing, can someone else draw a pic. of these two creatures? I also think I might take out the dodos counter attack or replace it eith a different one.

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I like your dodo idea but maybe the damage is too high.

for bajadododon or dodo?

if it is dodo then I think 1000 damage instead

I think the attack stat for a 15lb bird maybe needs to be like… 50… not 1000

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At lev 26? Thats crazy, also when was the last time ludia did something according to the actual creature.

Also, it weighed 50 pounds, more than velociraptor, which had a max of about 15 pounds.

I’ve researched everything a bit … I think what I will say will be ironic, but the dodo can access skills that:

go through armor: this bird’s beak was designed to open hard fruits it fed on, such as coconuts and similar foods

Ferocity: According to fossil records, this bird was aggressive and quite territorial, supposedly because the marshes covered its territory every certain period and forced the dodos to battle each other for food.

Speed: the anatomy of the dodo made him a balanced runner, perhaps he was not very fast but surely he did not trip easily, he could gain immunity to the slowdown !!!

If a Dimorphodon could be so dangerous and big in Jurassic World, why not a dodo?


10 Crit
0 Armor
Distracting impact
Nullifying counter attack (Deal 1x damage. Remove positive effects.)
Immunity passive
Possible hybrids
Bajatonodon + Dodo
10 Crit
0 Armor
Precise strike (Deal 1x damage. Bypass cloak and evasive abilities)
Dig in
Greater stunning impact
Nullifying rampage
Decelerating counter
Immunity passive

This is the new version based on what everyone has said. I didn’t include armor-piercing because it seems weird for a dodo, and your description of ferocity was saying it was aggressive so I keeped devastation.

La verdad está bien las ideas de como incluir al Dodo pero el vídeo-juego involucra es criaturas que hayan existido al menos antes de que los humanos se desarrollasen lo suficiente en tecnología (tal vez como hasta que los humanos se volvieron sedentarios) y el Dodo solo existió ya en épocas de colonización europea (investiga) ademas me seria algo incomodo y un Dodo no exactamente era una criatura para batalla, era pacifico (investiga).

pero en defensa del Dodo seria interesante involucrarlo por lo menos en los santuarios como comida para criaturas cenozoicas carnivoras como el smilodon (así como en jurassic world the game que es el alimento del smilodon y el león marsupial a la hora de alimentarlos), además el Dodo estuvo en jurassic park builder.

Translated From Spanish

The truth is well the ideas of how to include the Dodo but the video game involves creatures that have existed at least before humans developed enough in technology (maybe even until humans became sedentary) and the Dodo It only existed already in times of European colonization (investigate) and it would be somewhat uncomfortable for me and a Dodo was not exactly a creature for battle, it was peaceful (investigate).

but in defense of the Dodo it would be interesting to involve it at least in the sanctuaries as food for carnivorous Cenozoic creatures such as the smilodon (as well as in the jurassic world the game that is the food of the smilodon and the marsupial lion when feeding them), in addition to the Dodo was in jurassic park builder.

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I did my own research and discovered they can be aggressive if someone threatens or hurts another dodo bird.

We drove them together into one place in such a manner that we could catch them with our hands, and when we held one of them by its leg, and that upon this it made a great noise, the others all on a sudden came running as fast as they could to its assistance.

That was part of a shipwrecked mariners letter to someone. Dodo birds weren’t dumb or even that friendly it was mainly a mix of invasive species and habitat destruction that drove them to extinction. plus what are the advantages of having a dodo bird instead of a goat to eat at a sanctuary😕?

¿Como lo sabes?


Translated from Spanish:

How do you know?