Dodo boss

Any ideas?


These are the times where I would love to remember what I used to beat it in the campaign smh


What are its resitances?

I beat it!!
Scorp.g3 instant ambush, then toxic quills, swap
Albertospinos swap in wound, merciless alert(auto swap didn’t trigger but it should have) died
Spyx revenge distract move. Then rampage


I used a lv 24 thyla to set up the first bleed. Swapped to a lv 26 scorpios g3. Use toxi quills and die. Then bring out indotaurus lv 26 for revenge cloak. Counter plus bleed should kill the dodo. My 4th unused was a mortem.


I went Thyla lvl28for the bleed, dodge then rend, swapped to scorpios lvl27for more bleeding then brought in Indominus lvl30 after scorp bought the farm. Cloaked then slapped that Dodo harder than Will Smith ever could.


I found out a strategy that requires no boosts, any creature level, and no crit chance luck. The only RNG involved in this is the first 2 turns of the battle.

Indotaurus: lvl 21+
Sinokotaraptor: lvl 16+
Dimodactylus: lvl 11+
Scaphotator: lvl 11+, can be substituted with any creature that has less than 2400 health and has Swap In Wound.


Lead with Indotaurus, and combo Cloak into Cleansing Rampage. If Indotaurus dies in the process, restart the battle.

If Indotaurus lives, swap to Scaphotator, the Scapho will die immediately after.

Send out Dimodactylus and use Cleansing Swoop. Make sure Sinokotaraptor is to the very right of Dimodactylus in your loadout, so you Swoop into Sinokotaraptor

Once swapped to Sinokotaraptor, use Sidestep to cleanse your swap prevent.

Swap to Dimodactylus. Dimo will die in the process.

Finish off the dodo using Sinokotaraptor. The DoT and Indot damage should be enough to lower its health to the point where Sino can kill it in at least 2 turns.


I used 21 CompC, 20 Coelhaast, 20 Argentyrex, and 22 Indotaurus. Basically I started with Coelhaast and cycled through all my flocks, let CompC die after dodo had used its power move. Brought in Indotaurus (I think dodo had 8k health), used stealth (dodo used fate sealer), rending counter + cleansing rampage.

I could’ve softened him up a bit more but the timing was right cause he had just used his definite attack.

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I used all Swap in dot Creatures and I won eventually, didn’t get any good epic DNA sadly :grimacing:

UUUHHH… I did your strategy… I lead with Indo, cloaked, lived, clicked on cleansing rampage, as I did, I checked back on this page to confirm the strategy. When I swapped back to the game, DODO WAS DEAD! :exploding_head:

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Yeah, Indotaurus is capable of beating the Dodo on its own, but you either need Dodo to attack twice or have a strong enough Indot, maybe with crit luck.

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It must have crit on the rending counters and the cleansing rampage with the cloak on! Sheesh

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Flocks can absolutely obliterate it, same with bleeders and distracters

Unboosted Spinoconstrictor and Indotaurus did it for me. Both level 21. Had Refrenantem and Compsocaulus for backup.

Started with the snake. Used Instant distraction then Dodge and barely lived. Though with like 60 hp left for the next turn the snake was ko’d.
Dodo at this point had around just over half it’s hp gone.
Used Indotaurus with revenge cloak and cleansing rampage and that was it for the dodo.


Use indotaurus and albertospinos but make sure he used his definite move so he can’t bypass cloak