Dodo (File 40 artistic concept)

These are dinosaur teasers that I wish they would make it to JWTG!

We have arrived at the 40th creature !!!
Enlarged by the InGen, it will take more than a Smilodon to take down this creature!
He was a prey but now he is a predator!
Welcome the temible Dodo!


DNA cost: 7600 DNA
Here are the statistics:

Level 10

Health: 826
Damage: 241
Ferocity: 1592

Level 20

Health: 1415
Damage: 413
Ferocity: 2737

Level 30

Health: 2157
Damage: 629
Ferocity: 4170

Level 40

Health: 3051
Damage: 890
Ferocity: 5899


Stronger than the Kaprosuchus gen 2 and the Urtinotherium, this little guy makes his way among the other Cenozoics!
He is no longer so defenseless!
With such high health, would you use this creature?

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Which dinosaur do you want me to come out?
  • Tenontosaurus
  • Meiolania
  • Dakotaraptor

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Smilodon be like : oh I can still take him down in 2 hits


I think once dodo is added i think goats should replace dodo as prey. And the reveal Trailer should show one dodo taking down smilodon, titanoboa and Andrewsarcus


Animal facts

  1. The closest relative of the dodo is the pigeon
  2. All famous drawings of dodo are inaccurate since it’s now known that the dodo isn’t plumpy and stood more upright
  3. Although once being a numerous animal dodo fossils are rare
  4. Although being herbivoreus dodos were probably capable of Crushing the shells of crustaceans

Oh man! Those cave dogs will become the prey now


it was sad when leveling cenozoic carnivores almost of them eat the dodo

it’s time for revenge

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Everyone saying Dilophoboa is the strongest Cenozoic hybrid and creature at the moment. Just wait for the Mighty Dodo to come out :joy:


Stat ideas for you

Attack: 1,514
Health: 4,843

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