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Dodo Gyrosphere Event


If you haven’t already seen this, you should be spamming this event if you have the cash to do so.

75 Dino Bucks each run
Predictable opponent (dodo each time herbivore)
First battle is one
Second battle is two
Third battle is three

Pick carnivores for your creature lineup, the stronger the better.

Great rewards including SDNA.


Thanks, @Sionsith. Great catch.

I played three times through. It was fun. But losing 225 dinobucks to get 60 Velociraptor super-DNA was my limit. No thanks for more. But it was way fun to play with hybrids and Indoraptors that I’ll never own, most likely. The animations for the Indoraptor are sick!


Did you also get about 700 DNA per pack and 70 VIP points?

Which would have been around 2,100 DNA and 210 VIP points to go along with your 60 Velociraptor SDNA for the 225 DB which just the SDNA is a 3.75 DB per SDNA which was better than the lottery for a conversion not to mention the DNA and VIP points. This was one of the reasons I was excited about the event.

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If it could give us the correct reward it would ve much better RNG is really annoying


I’ve played the event twice but in the end 75 dino bucks is still too much for me compared with the rewards which were not exceptional on my side.


Got a Kelenken for one of my rewards, sold it in the trade harbor on a custom trade for 115 Dino Bucks. I like the fact that I can do this event and not use up any of my creatures and have them cooling down. The 75 DB entry is worth it if you have the DB to burn off IMHO.


You got a point @Sionsith. I made another run and got 750 DNA, 20 sdna and 70 VIP points. Generally I don’t like spending dino bucks because from my point of view they are hardest to get. I mainly use them to speed up the hatching time for dinos because I don’t have the patience to wait a week for a dino to hatch.

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Your announcement was invaluable, @Sionsith; I’m grateful to you for sharing. Velociraptor DNA is the most likely reward, and it’s what I got. Unfortunately, Velociraptor DNA is almost worthless to me. I would love to make an Indoraptor, and I have enough super-DNA to make several of them, but given how horrible my PvE already is, I’m not willing to hatch an Indoraptor. It’s kind of sad; part of me says, “PvE is already next to impossible; just hatch the dinosaur you want!” But then I know PvE would be definitively closed for me.

It’s such a bummer. I wish Ludia didn’t make PvE based off your toughest creature. I want to play the game, and I want to hatch Indoraptors. Is that too much to ask?

Long & short: the Dodo gyrosphere is fun, definitely. But the 75 dinobucks isn’t worth the reward for me, either. If the Velociraptor super DNA reward were eliminated, and the remaining rewards kept as possibilities, it would be. Velociraptor DNA is kind of like coins at this stage: pretty much useless. Well, less than useless, since I can’t trade Velociraptor DNA in the harbor!

Again, though, we are grateful you caught this event and announced it for us.


If PvE is nearly impossible for you I would give hatching Indoraptors a thought if I were you. Compared to their strength a level 10 indoraptor has an acceptable cooling time (approximately 30 hours). If you get 3 of them you would have the chance to win 9 to 12 more fights in a tournament, which would result in at least 300 more points in the end. Consequently your chances to finish in dominator league could increase significantly.
Just a thought.

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Gave it a go. It was so cool getting to play with creatures that i won’t own for a looooong time. And a lvl 75 Lythronax.


is this a joke?


@Sionsith thanks so much for the suggestion wouldn’t have gotten this with out it!


lucky boii

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Gave it a second go and…

Hello terror bird!


hmm this 2% seems to be decent. Not and impossible goal


2% is not that bad. It’s the “less than 1%” we need to worry about.

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This is my problem.

Just to get an indoraptor (which I have enough SDNA for 1) I’d have to surpass all my current dinos, which would gridlock me into the same problem that several people are having with the AI opponents being too strong.

I personally hate the indoraptor because it’s nothing but a late-game advertisement, and it’s stats are worthless when you don’t have any other dinos to use alongside it.

They really, really, really need to tone back the stats of the end game dinos (Indoraptor and tourney-hybrids) because once you reach that point, you have to be a whale, aka someone with a lot of disposable income, to maintain the long CDs and long hatch times as well as very small roster of usable dinos once those end game dinos surpass the next best tier. Honestly, the Indoraptor should have slightly better stats than the indominous, not an unreasonable amount like it’s current stats.

/Rant over

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For my part, I’m fine with the Indoraptor’s stats. It’s a bear to earn. My problem is that way it will throw off PvE. PvE should not be based on the toughest creatures a player has. Maybe the top 25%, but not the very top. It makes PvE unplayable, which removes a fun part of the game, penalizing a player for spending literally months earning the Indominus and then the Indoraptor. I mean, they are the stars of the two most recent movies, so of course I want them way more than I want a Koolsaurus or a Unarhynchus or even a Gorgosuchus.

End of the day, Ludia’s going to do what it’s going to do. Not much we can do about it.