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Dodo Incubator antarctopelta

Is the antarctopelta intentional or a glitch? Or do ankylosaurs eat dodos?

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I mean… If they are hungry enough… lol

I beat the boss!!! (After try 20 times) But when I collected the box, I didn’t get the emote​:sob::sob::sob::sob: Can you pleas fix it! Name in jwa: IndominusCoffieG

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what emote?

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That was a badge,not an emote!

The laughing face that is a badge,probably.

:musical_note:One of these things is not like the others :musical_note:


Ah yes, Antarctopelta is well known for its predatory behavior :joy:


yes, as we all obviously should have known, antarctopelta eats meat when food is scarce


I mean if other herbivores like young Sinoceratops could do it, it wouldn’t be too crazy that Antarctopelta could have as well