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Dodo Strike Strats! Let’s here your ideas on how to beat this April Fools Dodo boss!

The April Fools Dodo strike events will be starting in 13 minutes! Once active, any ideas to beat this magnificent creature? Please post them in the comments.



I wonder how hard it will be

I am Imagining something on the same power level as the goats.


I missed the goats how much worse than LL will it be? Cuz that strike was insanely hard might be able to beat it with my team now tho

Considering it might be unlockable it may be just a bunch of lvl 30 dodos

Possibly. My guess is it won’t be unlockable. However because it will have a unique animation Ludia won’t make it go to waste they could add the dodo in a future patch.

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No way these are infamously incredibly difficult

It had a Rending move that did 100% of max health. Before Rend resistance…

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Welp. This might be a challenge.



O no :fearful:

What is its immunities?


I could see some wounding / Rend creatures as being viable for this for low tier players.


Hmmmm Yes I think u slow it then bring a bleed or rend creature like thlya. So I think u bring a bleeder then switch to another then switch back to the bleeder I think ima try that.

Every attack moves it Cleanses

I was thinking make it bleed! However, if it cleanses itself you’re stumped :sweat_smile:

Yes :pensive:

Its normal removes bleed. So you have to hope it doesn’t go for its normal move till it gets low

Screenshot_20210401-160852_JW AliveI beat it!


Nice what is the rewards?

How? What did you use?