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Dodo update

I was creating a creature in JWA toolbox when I found a dodo in the listimage

Spoiler (but isn’t this whole topic a spoiler): JWA Toolbox isn’t official, so that could mean anything. There have been references to the Dodo found in the code, but at this point we don’t have enough evidence to know if it will be an unlockable creature or not. From what I understand, the “leaked” silhouette that the Dodo uses there was fake, but I could be wrong there.


Probably a custom silhouette, it probably accidentally appeared in the in-game silhouettes

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Spoilers: i’ve seen the image of a datamine group’s (not gamepress) info. dodo was on it as an unlockable and as a april fools boss so there is maybe a possibility of it being real in some capacity.


From what I can tell, I haven’t seen any evidence that the Dodo will definitely be an unlockable creature, but also no evidence that it can’t be unlockable

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The gamepress discords own dataminers seemed pretty unconvinced by this, although they also seem to support the non-dodo dinos being in the game. The most recent datamine also mentioned nothing about the Dodo boss moves. That’s definitely where the JWA Toolbox Dodo silhouette came from, but I don’t think we know if the original image is real or not.

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I wouldn’t be surprised if these creatures are added as secret creatures. I think the Dodo boss will be on Thursday. Same with the dodo scent strike event and Compy gen 2 and argentavis. I think Friday will have unlockable dodo, along with albertosaurus and Compy gen 1. none of this is real I’m just predicting


The fact that we were accidentally given a dodo scent pretty much assured us the dodo is coming… 4/1, this is just like last year when we heard rumblings of the goat a week or so before hand


Waaa? We’re not getting just dodo but also albertosaurus, compy and Argentarvis? I know these pictures are fan made but still

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Not neccesarily. All of them have code in the game somewhere suggesting that they’re likely planned for the game, that’s not nothing. But people have a far easier time accepting that the others will be added at some point than the Dodo, possibly because of the Dodo being a sort of “joke character”. Plus there was text specifying that the Dodo had to do with April Fools day. So the debate/question isn’t about whether the Dodo will be in the game - it almost certainly will. It’s about whether it will only be an April Fools boss, be an unlockable creature, or both. But the others will probably get added at some point in the near future: why have a Compy GEN 2 if it isn’t intended to be an actual dino?


Regarding the authenticity of that image (and others can correct me if I’m wrong)

The “Incubators Found” section details text that has been confirmed by other sources. From this text, we can infer that the mentioned dinos will likely be added to the game at some point, with the possible exception of the Dodo (since the Dodo incubator may just be a reward for beating a Dodo boss, and apparently all creatures in the game have text referencing their DNA, like the goats from last year). But the fact that all of those text lines were found in the games code is real. The images for each creature are not, however, as this image points out. I haven’t seen anything about the new badges or emotes anywhere, but they could be real. For the “Dodo Invasion” section, while there was text found that practically confirms a correlation between the Dodo and April Fools day, I haven’t seen any references to these specific moves anywhere else. The Dodo scent is definitely real, since it was accidentally released last Monday, and since it had a guaranteed T Rex it may match the description here. However, as far as I’m aware, the actual Dodo image shown here is fake, but maybe not? All of this could potentially be real, but I haven’t seen other dataminers confirm some of this. And even if they did, it doesn’t confirm that these features will be released soon or ever. The names of the 2.6 dinos were datamined as much as 70 days before they were officially revealed, and many other dinos whose names were datamined have never been added to the game. We’ll definitely know more on April 1st, but don’t get your hopes up too much, just in case. I’m almost positive that the Dodo will be featured in some form, but don’t be surprised if it isn’t unlockable, or if the other creatures like Albertosaurus and Compy don’t release at the same time.


So it basically means the other dinosaurs could be featured in a new update. Lol imagine people defeating mortem with compy or a dodo


Still think, that we won’t get Dodo as unlockable creature. Definitely not for April fools. Might be one day added in one of future updates. Still highly unlikely. In past two April fools, boss never made to the game as unlockable creature.

We have lord lythornax and the real lythornax so there actually can be a real dodo and a boss dodo

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YES! I really hope this this is real. The poop emoji is what we’ve been waiting for this whole time.
Finally :relieved:

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I’ll give you that Dodo may not be unlockable, there’s some doubt there. I do think that an actual extinct animal is the most likely out of itself, a giant version of a dino we already have, and a regular goat to actually be added to the game though. So I wouldn’t neccesarily count on the precedent set by past April Fools bosses as a deconfirmation.

Agree, they can change pattern. Still doubt we will get Dodo to unlock it for April fools. Seems more to me, as part of next update mid of April, as there were other creatures datamined.

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