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Dodocevia and Compsocaulus fix?

Who here thinks that Dodocevia be fused with Edaphocevia, instead of Inostrancevia, and changed to unique? I mean Dodocevia would a lot more cooler if it had a sail and a few spikes and wouldn’t be just a featherless turkey.

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Who here thinks Compsocaulus would be a better legendary than a unique?

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Description of new Dodocevia:
Basically Satans chicken, these creatures have a big sail, roughly the size of their body, along with tiny spikes starting from the forehead down to the end of their short tail, giving it that satanic look. Dodocevia have the same color scheme as the original, but with more of an emerald tinge to it. There isn’t a single feather on their body, but don’t think they’re defenseless, one alone could kill you in an instance.

Wildcard to Cunning Fierce
Health from 4050 to 4250
Damage stays the same
Speed from 126 to 125
Armor stays the same
Crit stays the same

Crit reduction from 0 to 100
DoT from 0 to 50
Distraction stays the same
Rend from 33 to 66
Deceleration stays the same
Stun from 50 to 75
Swap Prevention from 0 to 100
Taunt stays the same
Vulnerable from 0 to 50

Flightless Strike stays
Protective Alert stays
Revenge Distracting Impact changes to Revenge Shattering Rampage
Alert Decoy stays

Compsocaulus generally stays the same but becomes more red. Stats stay the same, but it would nice to add Alert Swarm to the mix.

And not to make this boring and all, but sorry about the whole Rexy Finale situation, that was my bad (To anyone who wasn’t in that conversation, don’t worry about it)


The main problem I feel with CompC is that it’s not only a unique made from 2 normal components, but it’s really good. Especially with that 100% immune to decel that comes from nowhere and makes it kinda ridiculous. It always can distract or dodge, and if someone has a group move, use Alert Scurry, and now you have an extra flock member and they are 75% distracted (if they don’t have resistance/immunity or cleansed it). It also has Hop and Mock to cleanse everything and dodge, plus it can escape more often than not and then swap in to heal and dodge if threatened. Also while bleed is supposed to counter it, it also has CS to cleanse and then that also can fully distract. I’ve heard the argument that it’s anti meta, and it is. It’s way too good at that. Most of its counters are irrelevant in later arenas, while again it’s anti meta, so for now it’s going to be really good in the meta. Now, I don’t mind so much that it counters the meta, but could Ludia then introduce a counter that can also stand on it’s own in the meta? Also possibly make it into a legendary, nerf it, and then give CompC a hybrid with a similar role.


Oooo what if CompC was mixed with Rinchenia, that would look dope, and it might make it a wee bit overpowered aswelll.


Lol ya constant devious strike

Prolly literally no one can touch it

Generaly agree

Also i still stand with my theory that titancaulus might fuse into CompyC, which i feel like would fix a lot of the problem

Makes CompyC harder to create, an s-hybrid and makes it eligable for championships

For the OP, i gotta say i was hoping for dodocevia to be a unique, and fused with edaphocevia
But it being legendary doesen’t realy break anything, and it’s pretty cool some creatures get their 3rd hybrid so i feel like this one is fine

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Although I agree with you that CompC would be made of Titacaulus, Titacaulus looks more like a cobra than a diplocaulus mix, so that would mean CompC would look like a cobra. But I mean it is possible for the Titacaulus Compy mix, ludia always makes the hybrids a wee bit weirder than their counterparts

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If you don’t believe me


Actually it can’t be because one is a tiny theropod and the other is a giant snake in the world. So how would a snake of that size be incorporated into flock of Compies?

I feel like dodocevia should stay the same. none of its componts are fierce

Passive’s Dodo is a hybrid of Dodo (Cunning) and Edaphocevia (Cunning-Fierce).

Edaphocevia is doe not have a hybrid.

This is Passive’s take on 2.7’s hybrids, and here PO made Dodocevia a unique super hybrid because, as it stands, none of Inostrancevia’s hybrids have super hybrids, and it would also not break consistency with JWA’s other uniques.