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Dodocevia didn't heal in raid?

So I brought my dodocevia into a raid and he was 2/3 down on life (two birds dead). Tourmaloch played emergency heal for him and the animation for healing showed up, but it gave me zero health points! No health added to the health bar, not even 1 bird revived. Next turn tourmaloch did his group heal and I got 1/3 of my health points, or it resurrected one of the birds. So why didn’t it revive a bird when he got emergency healed?? Am I missing something, is it a bug?

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Normal heals will not rally new flock members. You have to do a rally heal to do so (protective alert has a rally heal)


Normal Heals will only heal a single portion of your health bar up to full, it won’t replenish a Flock member. So for example, if you were down to 2 flock members, and had a little bit of HP in that 2nd bar, it’d fill that up, but would not bring back the 3rd flock member


Hey there, Rav.

Our update notes here has some more info regarding Flock creatures as well :smiley: