Dodocevia vs. Allodrigues, who do you guys think will win?

  • Dodocevia
  • Allodrigues

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In a 1v1 the dodo hybrid won’t be able to use it’s rampage so it can only rely on it’s strikes and impacts. It also has no damage reduction resistance so allo’s heal will effect it

Meanwhile allo can use a takedown, rampage and strike. Allo has 75 damage reduction resistance. They both have the same healing move (which doesn’t effect allo). Allo’s faster than dodo and has a higher attack

The only chance dodo has against allo is if he has his revenge and allo is on 1 flock member left and still has his heal on cooldown


Like in a real fight or in jwa?

this isn’t about JWA fights, I meant in a real life 1v1 fight

Real fight

I voted dodocevia because I like it (more)

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Then allod


Still allo… They are a flock so they have team experience but the allo flock’s description says it hunts alone. The dodo has no mention of fighting alone. So if it’s 3v3 it could easily fight but if it’s 3 1v1s then allo will easily mop the floor with whatever is left from the dodo

Plus dodo’s aren’t known for their intelligence. And even if the Rodrigues is equally as dumb he has a Delta DNA which could smarten him up.

Actually thinking about it the fight is a lot more even than originally thought

Allod is faster but dodocevia has a much stronger bite force, dodocevia might also hunt in packs but allod would only hunt alone, also allod is probably bigger

Overall I think the fight is suprisingly even, as if allod is able to constantly get smaller hits in on the dodocevias then it would win, although if the dodocevia’s bite allod once or twice it’s curtains

Dodocevia fans arise

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