Doedicurus's hybrid ideas

Hooray!!! We finally have a hybrid for our Doedicurus!!! That’s Portiskacurus!!! An beautifully combination of Amargocephalus(a hybrid of Amargasaurus and Euoplocephalus) and Doedicurus, Who do want to hug it? LOL!!!

can you please Opinions it? Also Welcome everyone who has another ideas for Doedicurus’s hybrid!
@Snake_Dude @Lucky14 @Grym_REDACTED @Jurassic_Fury @Cheeseeater @Sebastian_Bautista_Z


Based solely on the appearance you’ve created and for the purpose of “flavor” I think you should weaken it a bit and give it a full counterattack, maybe even armor piercing. I say 4500 health 1200 atk AP counter

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quicsketch, I can and prob will do better later since my version looks plain, to me anyways


It’s a pretty nice design, ngl. It does have an obscenely massive amount of damage, maybe lower it because it already has a whole lot of debuffs. Although I’d appreciate it if I wasn’t pinged…

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Thanks to everyone!!!

my version

I like these designs. But wasn’t Ankylodicurus leaked last month? I’m guessing it’ll have a hybrid with Ankylocodon.

one word: Megistocurus

(not my drawing btw)

like the design of your hybrid idea though!


Looks good!!

who’s the artist that does these? I’ve seen a few on discord and I would like to know, I love the realistic versions of the hybrids in game

An artist named “acrosaurotaurus” on deviantart.

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I don’t have doe so I use glyp
Imagine it as doe