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Does a unique dinos strength *really* reflect its difficulty in making?


I made a comment in another thread about this issue, but thought I may start its own. Ludia has either outright stated, or at least alluded to this notion, that the strength of a unique is based in part on how hard it is to create. (I think in the 15. release notes, but not too fussed to go check).

Do people think this is the case? If it is, why don’t we see a ton of L26+ tuora, dioraja, and grypolith (I know the last one is new, but thor came out at the same time and I see a ton of L25+) Wouldn’t these be the highest leveled uniques, with the presence of tryko, thor, dilo, and utarinex slowly catching up levels? I also personally think erlidominus is balanced well for difficulty in creation, and the risk/reward for big damage - if you get the dodge.

Do people have the means but not the desire to level up the others that high (tuo, dio, grypo), and that’s why there really aren’t any?

What do others think? For me, the short version is I think it’s a load of :poop:.

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I don’t see Raja, otherwise my Dio would be 26 by now, at least.
I don’t see many Gryposuchus either, I just created my Grypolyth the other day.
Tuora is the only one of those I can actually level up, but I don’t.

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Tuora is underrated. I never have enough tuo though.

That said:

I agree. They should be more powerful based on Ludias statement.

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Come visit my area - I see several tuo a night. Have over 6K… but raja and ankylo have vanished from the game for me. I really like my dioraja and would totally level it up if I could.

Also, glad I’m not the only one who thinks this.


the strength based on how hard it is to create?? then why does magna suck… if i had more access to anky yes i would max out a tryko or dioraj because those do match that statement. tuo is the only one besides grypo that ppl are iffy about because of power but if i had the dna i would max mine out aswell.

ps: have yet to see a grypo.


Grypo is park only spawn

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If anyone can help me with finding Ludia’s words on unique strength, please do. I have been combing through the announcements and notes and haven’t come across what I think I remember reading… I hope I’m not remembering incorrectly.


No you are remembering it correctly. I also remember ludia stating uniques are supposed to be super rare but powerful. That’s why I can’t fathom how people have LVL 30’s of all of them already


The difficulty to obtain a certain dino is a bit different from component rarity.

If by component rarity, the top 3 are Tryko(3 epics), dioraja(2 epics + 1 rare), and erlidom(2 epics + 1 common).

If by difficulty, I’d say top 3 are Magna(Lack of irritator in the wild), tuoramoloch(Lack of stigy in the wild), and Tryko(All epics but you can find them in the wild).

Of course, the above assumes you are free to play, otherwise you can speed up incubators to get irritator and stygi DNA. Although we had some stigy events, but very few people would dart it because its hybrid is very weak in the current meta.

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I don’t want to mention magna and take over OPs valid post, but …

Magnaaaa :tired_face::confounded::sob:


Toura is one of the easiest to create. Stigy is literally the only epic I get every single day. And tuo is just like any other rare. It’s the only unique I could boost about four levels but don’t .

Grypo has to be one of the hardest to create since you need 200 of gyro and that thing is no where even if you’re looking . It should be better than it is that’s for sure. Or at least have something unique about it so you’d want it

Tryko is now super hard to create / level if you haven’t already because trex spawns have been nerfed and it’s 3 epics. It used to be terrible when I created it. Finally it’s worth it

erlidomus has always been tough because erliko is tough to find. I work in its zone and I’m still at 150/250 after two months. Even still , it’s almost like a monomimus when you make it.

Basically what I’m saying is that they haven’t exactly ever followed that reasoning


It depends on your play style. If you are a casual player, tuora is easier than some other uniques. If you are a hardcore player, you will get other uniques way faster. It’s common to have a diloracherius over lv 25 and a lv 21 tuoramoloch if you don’t speed up incubators.

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the thing is… tryko ingredients arent rare for some and vice versa. depends on the area. erlik is plentiful for some and not the other. its kind of a broken logic/statement.

its like since grypo is hard to create but isnt a great dino then they should increase the grypo spawns to not only park spawns?

or because they are so rare, disregard the type of dino and lets just focus on best moves and attributes for that dino…

if its unique, it should be best in its class bottom line and balanced.


Yes, a local 1 player is very easy to get trykosaurus considering the amount of anky events Ludia held, you don’t have to be in local 4 to get enough ankies for tryko, like the recent sino events make everybody possible to create sino hybrids without being a local one player, so some players get an advantage over other players.

Of course, the solution is not nerfing certain dinos like tryko or utarinex, but buffing legendaries and uniques in other locals since each local has its own legendaries and uniques. If all uniques and legendaries are balanced, people wouldn’t complain about things like migration as they have their own dinos to work for and they will continue to level it up, so does dino variety used by players as well. Currently it’s obvious certain dinos like magna, dioraja, and tuoramoloch need some buffs. If they are stronger, there will be less complaints about the dinos in a certain local is worthless.


You are absolutely correct! Being an L1 player means they are just giving away Sino to everyone but make it extremely hard to get the two of the best uniques in the game in Dilo and utarinex. The last two weeks are the only reason I even have a Dilo. The makers of the game don’t see how they favor one zone over another in terms of giving players the ingredients that aren’t in their usual zone.

Uniques should be balanced so they’re all actually really good to use and unique enough so that they’re desirable. I don’t understand the “balancing” of things like Magna that’s for sure.

Still love the game , it’s just some issues are pretty glaring when you play everyday


I am in L1 and I still don’t have tryko.i don’t see many Trex. 2-3 a week now. Last week only 1


Also I spent over 8 hrs in a park. Which had a park in it’s name and is very big. But it was worse than outside. I used three 5 min and 15 min capsule, 4 new scent, 2 epic , 2 rare. And after all this also I got 3 epics in 2 scents and rest all crap.mostly common. And I even went on from minute 19 to minute 10 without any dino showing up. My net was working. Also tried restarting. So overall the park thing is gonna be never for me


Parks are really bad. It really sucks how much parks suck. It’s like they prefer you drive and play then actually walk around a park.

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LOL you should come to my place.
I can prove how these Tuojiang been so much common here.


thats not that great for you compared to your level 30 commons lol. i just got into the tuo game and mines is lvl 23 already. also have a lvl 24 dioraj. tuo is abundant in my area.