Does Alanqa appear in the wild?


So we’ve got this great Pterosaur event going on right now and we’re soaking up the dna, but what about after? I can’t seem to find any sources that indicate Alanqa is in the wild. Is she another Irritator or Galli?


I think yes it is. Yesterday i find a djungaripterus and quenzhalcot flying in my village. If rare in wild so the epic


Probley will be in incubators only


Saw Alanqa in the wild earlier today. Pteranodon as well. Alanqa sits on the ground under the green supply drops, while pteranodon flies around.


Its an arena exclusive , like irritator. Arena 9.


Not in the wild, event for this weekend


And which is from the arena 9, arambourgiania?


You got my hopes up!
If it’s under a green Supply drop, it’s part of the event :package: