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Does Ankylocodon really has 20% crit?


I swear to god, it doesn’t feel like that for me… Other dinos with 20% crit, like Allo or the Indos, seem to get way more crits than Anky… not only my Anky but opponents’ as well… I’ve been in more than one battle of Anky vs Anky, which takes many attacks, and there were ZERO crits for both sides…


Monostegotops has 20 % crit but crits like 80%


Tryostonix never crits for me


That’s my profile pic😀!


Before i took him off my team i always felt my anklycodon critted way more then the 20%…


Ahah you are a fellow tryostonix lover

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Yeah, tell me about it!.. Forgot about that… Monostego crits even more than Indos

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It might. It’s attack is so awful you could miss it


70% of the time mine crits when I need it to.
Such as when a stegod is at 1200 health and I need it to crit on an api.
It feels about 20%.

Some of my 5% crit chances though… Feels like 50% instead. :l


Mine crits often enough to not make me question it…

I also have yet to meet a utarinex or diloch that I couldn’t kill or chase away… :smiling_imp:


Recently my Anky crit 3 times in a row against a Stegod, reducing its health to 1/3. The Stegod muz be wondering wat hit it.
Though gotta admit such occurrences are few n far btw.
Still gonna lvl it up to 26 :slight_smile:

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Man, every battle in these last couple of days, EVERY BATTLE, against Indoraptor and Monostego, they got at least one crit on me… That doesn’t happen with my Anky >_<


Yea more or less same here, just leveled mine to 26, got a couple of occasional crits here n there. Oh well, just hope the rng performance will improve sooner rather than later :expressionless:

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Mine never does, but every time I face one it seems like they have 60% or better. Something about that short defense crits on me every. Single. Time. Lol


I’m sorry, I had to put this thread up, cause tonight I had about a dozen battles where my Anky didn’t crit ONCE… And I’m talking about a dino that can take hits, so I’m able to do around four, five attacks per battle or even more before it dies! I swear to god, not ONE crit! Meanwhile, when an Allosino, Thor, Monostego or Indoraptor appears, they do it in their first or second move almost every time! And now I just faced a Stegod with my Anky… Both with shield up… Stegod got three crits in a row and I didn’t get any! What are the chances of that??

Seriously, there’s something really, REALLY strange here :expressionless:


Wait. My anky is supposed to crit at some time?

I swear, my dinos are defective. Or slacking off at their jobs. Or something.

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Glad it’s not just me…

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