Does anybody actually like arena anymore?

I might be in the minority here, but I kinda miss the old stat boosts.

They were the only chance I had at winning when Ludia’s busted matchmaker keeps putting me against full teams of level 30 uniques.

Now those same players took all the free bucks that were given after the reset and tossed it all back into the boosts in the store.

I just want my daily battle incubator…isn’t the goal of them to reward people for playing? I’ve dropped about 400 trophies and half the time I get into a battle I need to pray that I have the faster boosts, or my Thora crits, or my Erlidom dodges, etc. If not, I just close out of the game.

Before the reset I played daily for my battle incubator because the boosts were valuable. Now they’re meaningless and all the high end players spend about 10k bucks getting their team back to the power they were at.

I don’t even wanna battle, just wondering if anybody is enjoying this system. 1.7 is really ruining the game for me.

EDIT: Sorry to you guys in Ruins/Lockwood, at this rate I might be joining you soon.


Game is ruined for me


If you are losing battles, you’ll eventually drop to a plateau point (I’ve dropped from Sorna Marshes to Lockdown now) where you will start to even out and win/losses should balance out. You’ll get your battle incubators there.

The love and hate for arena right now seems to range depending on where you are at.

Right now I have no issues at 2900-3156, That’s the range I’ve more or less been at since 1.7 dropped. I win some, I lose some, I win some, I lose some. I see dinos up to 3 levels above my highest level dino. I see some boosts. (I wish the info screen showed relative boost level so I would know how ‘overboosted’ a dino is at an easier glance).

Based on people in aviary’s observations, though, I can empathize with the frustrations.

I’m watching my kids down in badlands right now. There is some high leveled stuff down there too. They have dinos -13-15, but I don’t see them getting out of badlands anytime soon. They aren’t ‘unhappy’ though. My son is level nine. He is facing boosted dino teams in badlands.

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This is why I’ve argued for a PvE arena option. The various arenas could have typical levels for the A.I dinos, which would let those of us who want to grind incubators get on with it. The Strike Towers are just too hit and miss and can only be played once. I have no interest in the PvP aspect of the game especially since the boosts were added in 1.7.


Does anybody actually like arena anymore?


every one of my opponents.


I like my boosted lythronax

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Level 9 facing boosted teams is abusrdedly bad match making lets have you face teams with boosts you cant even buy or use yet.


Today I battled one hour and a half for 3 incubators and dropped more than 200 trophies. Only once I made mistake. Best was that only once had Magna in lineup while every opponent had boosted Thor with over 2000 damage.
Aviary is nuts place right now. Mostly it’s a crit fest. Had a match where two Erlidominus critted 4 times. Trophies rewarded aren’t distributed right.

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I derank from ~5200 down to ~3200.

The new philosophy of pay to win is absurd.

Why pay 2-3-4 times more money for same dinos?

Will not support that model,


It seems like this is a trend:

I used to like the arenas but now I really can’t be bothered to battle much, due to the win 10 lose 50 trophys and the insanely unfair match ups.


I’ll only battle until reaching Lockwood state because Aviary is unbalanced and Pteranodon isn’t too good


It’s thunder dome down there though not as bad as aviary. His over leveled einosuchus is throwing things off. He can’t really field a balanced team at the moment. But he is holding his own.

Longing back to this time:


i’m in lockwood. 4300 to 4400 trophies range everyday. since before 1.7, and still now.

it seems new matchmaking system is doing a good job for me. before i boost, i faced none or low boosted opponents. the more i boost my team the harder opponents.

this week battles seem all balanced for me, the only difference is everybody boosted dinos.

no sense for me. like i said: everybody using same creatures, but now forced to boost them, just for ludia profits?

sometimes i face a few weird things, like pure high level allosaurus or einiasuchus. well, i love because thats when i use to win hahaha.

but opponents dinos seem all compatible to my team, no super thor as before boost rollback anymore.

it seems to e its impossible to get inside aviary without play 24h/day and spend some money, thats not an option. and i really dont want to be there, aviary seems like a nighmare mess now after 1.7.

i’m happy at lockwood. :slight_smile:

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I actually do like it. I’ve spent no real money for boosts, just used what they gave me and the 10000 hard cash I had saved up to buy boosts. Boosting gives the only kind of customization in this game and I really like it. Only thing that ruins it is people who put all their boosts in 1 dino. It’s no fun and it doesnt help you any cuz you’re still going to have a 50% win rate. But its next to impossible to kill straight tier 7 thors if you distributed boosts evenly.

I am here to spam the forums like members spam Tarbo donation requests xd

I’m enjoying the arena personally. My tenrex really stepped up ready and boosted lmao.

I generally like the arena, but I’m not ranked high enough to be dealing with all-30s teams. That said, I’d like AI fights to always be available without a 30-second delay for times when I want to grind incubators. I like getting trophies, but I’ve always been more focused on building out my collection (finally got Magna today!).

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Agreed, battle ai should always be an availabilty for incubators. No matter what rank we are.

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