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Does anybody found an effective way to dart dinos that are stuck inside supply/battle drops?


Does anybody found an effective way to dart dinos that are stuck inside supply/battle drops?


I keep tapping on them… sometimes they move just far enough away from the tower that you’ll be able to dart them. But sometimes nothing helps.


Some say you can switch to another screen, then switch back to the map and if you are quick, you can click the dino before the tower spawns in.

I have found that this works… maybe 1 out of 20 times.

The real question is why ludia wont fix this broken mechanic. Its going on 6 months now… 6!

All they have to do is remove those really ugly concrete bases and the problem would be 100% solved. It seems some game developer is really proud of these idiotic concrete bases though so they want to keep them, IDK what the deal is…


I non stop tapped on an epic the other day I needed 10 more dna to fuse (which does anyone else ONLY get 10 dna points every single time they fuse ? The most I’ve gotten is 30 o n e time I kid you not, just wondering) and I mean for however long it was 7, 8 minutes no matter the angle no matter the constant click I could not get him I literally am stuck at 48 dna points to!! I need 2 more points only to be able to fuse them it’s so frustrating !!!


Are you in an alliance yet? They may have some DNA to donate that may help you if not. Come join my group there is always someone donating DNA.


I’ve tried non stop. Nothing works. Erliko I tried 50+ times


That does seem to be a random issue. I haven’t seen it in a while, but when it does you can’t get the dang dino no matter how hard you try.


I feel like once you complete a strike event it should be removed from the map. Therefore less clutter and it eliminates the issue of stuck dino’s.


Sometimes a dino like Apato sticks out and you can click it. Some like Tarbo, I notice, stick out but they’re still within some invisible strike event field, so even though you aren’t clicking on the canister or the base it’s close enough that you’re still being brought into the game screen. That really ticks me off. I’ve been saying for ages that they should just disappear when you’ve finished them, like the treasure chests and now the presents.


Like you said. That’s my strategy, too. Just spam the dinos head, or try to angle your camera inside of the strike event, and there u go


Here is an example. This treasure chest is difficult to get because these overlap each other. So I would have to agree with the previous commentators, if the strike is done then let it disappear. And then whatever else is left there is fair game.

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I can get it majority of the time by zooming in & clicking the orange pole. But only if the strike is completed


I was once capturing consecutive pyro including the one trapped near a supply drop. Does Ludia do this on purpose so that said dino can not be darted twice?

What I did was flagging the supply drop and gave proper explanation. Shortly after I rotate to different angle and voila I managed to free the poor soul :joy:


I’ll have to try that.:+1:


I’m pretty sure you guys can’t donate this.:thinking:

Yes this seem like on the edge of strike tower, but actually still trapped in there.
Also tried to reset map, but tower comes out before dino.


^ Going on 6 months of this. I have lost at least 20 or more epics to this.

Maybe it’s time to hire a few more software devs?


They don’t fix yet because they need to consider that the grid of spawn points has to be different that the points of suply drops according to the google maps service, that means they need to move the whole grid or make a separate grid of spawn points and event/suply drops


Is there anyone here that remembers when we were taught to actually “read” maps in school? There were always the “main” longitude and latitude lines, and then there were the finer ones- “minutes”. May be, as the previous post said, the SD’s need to be on certain grid points (these coincide with streets and buildings). Where as the spawn locations can be “minutes” away from those locations. From any one individual location, a person has up to (a minimum) 150 meters to dart a dino. This does not have to be necessarily on a road. Think about it. We are running simulation software of “flying a drone”, so cannot drones be flown over areas of forest, fields, “no man’s” land? Just some food for thought.


I think all the suggestion here are not about separate dino & supply drop spawn point.

The thing we are asking for is:

  1. Let those strike towers we had completed directly disappear.
  2. Give us a manual option, so we can temporarily hide strike towers, and let them turn back to normal supply drops. (maybe 15 or 30 mins)

I believe all the suggestions here have merit. And I also believe that as the game players we are, these suggestions will help the Ludia team to tweak and adjust the game play as necessary. I do hope that they are reading this thread so that they may at least give some thought to these suggestions. Never know, they may even be able to implement all the ideas.:thinking::thinking::thinking: