Does anybody know what you’ll acquire in a level 17 Premium Incubator?

I finally got the ability and the means to be able to get my lvl 19 Epic T-Rex into a level 20. But I so desperately need Sinceratops DNA to help me level up my Tyrannolophosaur to 18 and hopefully eventuy to lvl 20. And after I already wasted buying two of the Epic Incubators (the one that shows a Sinceratops on the front of it) NEVER GAVE ME ANY SINCERATOPS DNA, not even alittle bit, like I was truly hoping it would. I’m now feeling desperate enough to try and buy a premium incubator even tho it’s going to cost me 9,000 in-game green cash, I’m super hopeful that it will give me some Sinceratops DNA & hopefully enough extra in-game gold to add to my already existing 50k gold so that I can finally lvl up my current #1 favorite Dino: Spintosuchus to lvl 23. So does anybody have any insights they could possibly share with the rest of the class as to what I should be expecting to get out of it??? Pretty please with whip cream and a cherry on top please let me know???

More koola


You can get 9 sinos this weekend for free which is more than you’ll get from paying for that incubator

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Oh crap your right, I didn’t even think to look at who all the end of the week dinos would be at those green supply boxes. Thank u kindly!!!

That list seems VERY underwhelming for somebody to get in return for forking over that much money to buy a premium incubator. I’d kinda expect an extremely more enticing DNA drops then that lol. Seriously Ludia how is those dino’s DNA supposed to help anybody out what with all the NEW Dino’s that you just released to us??!!?? Thank you Hersh for giving me a heads up on what I should not be wasting my invaluable money on. Instead I’m prolly just going to go ahead and buy the 250,000 gold so I can continue being able to level up more Dino’s that so desperately need it. Thank you kindly again!

Do the coins!
Haha, I was deciding between coins or the incubator and even told myself to get the coins before I change my mind and do something stupid …
I clearly did not act quick enough :joy:

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