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Does anyone actually like tournaments?


I haven’t heard a single person say something positive about the non-stop tournaments we have and the imbalance it causes to battling. I’m curious, does anyone actually like it or is it just Ludia ignoring player feedback as usual?


I absolutely loathe them, but then I hate PvP battles in the first place.


Yeah I generally dislike it because of how every aspect of it is RNG-based. It’s especially bad during tourneys because it constantly matches me with dinos like 5 levels higher than mine.


Tournaments could be something awesome, but not the way they do it. First of all, they should give us the option to participate or not. Then they should establish rules and a proper matchmaking system. Different levels of tornament for different levels of players. The way it is, it’s like a select competition between a few top players. That can’t even be considered a “tournament”.





I like them… when it’s not Blue DNA as the prize :expressionless:

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I used to, but then, I fell all the way from 3.5k to 2.3k and now I hate everything


If I could roll back my game version to 1.3, I would be in the Arena and Tournements 100% more. (I’m litterally at 0% now).

I actually had fun with PvP back then, these days i dont even open the Arena Tab, regardles if theres a tournement going or not. I regularly skip the daily quest DNA if any task involves Arena or battle incubators.

This game is still fun to me without Arena or Tournements, and I still log on everyday to do events, because I enjoy spending time in the game and doing the PvE events.

However, with the bad news released recently concerning PvE events, I am starting to wonder how long I will remain subbed to VIP.


There is almost nothing to gain if you do not have a lvl 30 Dino team.
For 99% of all players arena is just a way to get incubators and coins. I play as if there is no tournament because I have no chance at all.

Only thing I get at the end is an rare incubator while the top players get awesome rewards even though they don’t even need them because they are already maxed out.

They could make it more fun and competitive if they create different leagues depending on your average Dino lvl or something but the way it is now its just not fun or competitive.


I hit a new high with a 5200+ rank. Got bumped down to 4800 and probably won’t even see 5000 again for months, if ever lol. So no, not a fan of the Tournament


I like the tournament. As far as Im concerned if you were just battling for incubators nothing changes for you, if you can win a few games you stand to gain and no matter what its free. So many of you have become so jaded, its free?if it isnt magical… So what? You were either going to battle anyway or you werent.


I used to wonder why peole moaned, as long as my trophies were somewhere under 4000 as a Tournament was just something that didn’t make any difference - except for a welcomed little gift at the end. So I didn’t care.

Now, being 5000+ (normally) I hate tournaments. The matching doesn’t really work. You meet ridiculous strong/overlevelled Teams and still loose 30-40+ Trophies. And that sometimes more than 10 times in a row.

And on the last day it’s sometimes impossible to get your incubators, as you meet a lot of (legit??) grinders and eventually have to camp out in order not to loose your 4750+ or 5000+ rewards.

If only they would make that change “highest Trophy Count”… it would make battling/loosing in those last days so much less annoying.


This is a PvP game. If you don’t like PvP and tournaments, you should reconsider why are you still playing it.


The issue isn’t that it’s PvP. It’s that it’s terribly designed PvP. If you’re someone who’s normally in the 4200-5000 range, the tournament is especially annoying. It’s not uncommon to have to lose like 5-7 games in a row when all you came to do was get an incubator.

And when the tourney is about to end it gets 10x worse because all the players who intentionally dropped to avoid the headache are now playing seriously to end on a high for the reward. I’ll be the first to admit I’m guilty of this too.


STDs are free, too. Free does not always equate to something desirable.

I pay to play, so I don’t see it as free. I see tournaments in their current form as a negative.


How many battles a day do you play during the tourney vs before? My point is you were battling, youre still just battling. If you want to opt out play friendly games.


I generally play to get incubators. If I could get them via friendly games I would. But that’s not an option.


This is the norm every other day. Don’t see any difference within tournaments…


I do, but I like PVP - and what’s not to like about free incubators and possibly more?



I guess “technically” its PvP as in the sense of Player vs Player and all.

I play mostly FPS and RPG style PvP games, so this watered down, after school special style of turn based, RNG dependant “combat” isnt exactly doing much for me personally. To each their own though :wink: