Does anyone actually like tournaments?

I guess “technically” its PvP as in the sense of Player vs Player and all.

I play mostly FPS and RPG style PvP games, so this watered down, after school special style of turn based, RNG dependant “combat” isnt exactly doing much for me personally. To each their own though :wink:


I understand the first few days can be nuts. The leader board gets compressed. I have an average of almost L29 Dinos and I fought a guy with a L24 Erlidom and L21 Diloracheirus. Felt a bit bad smashing his leam… wish that didn’t happen but after a day or 2 it settles down and it is a battle arena like before. I think some people worry a bit to much about their trophy count. Sometimes RNG hands me an L, Sometimes it give me a W I didn’t really deserve. It’s all good. I still like seeing the hand I am given and doing the best I can with it.


I hate them… everyone of my losses today has been based on RNG… Thor not critting or stunning, the level 24 Erlidom dodging twice at 7 health, the 5% critter, or the ever elusive all dodging Indo… They tweak RNG every stupid tournament… And ignore the players…


Don’t pity us players who step into the arena with our low level teams, we know what we’re up against… and my cloaked 24 Erlidominus will take down your 29 unique just as easily as anything else (or not… if it fails) :smile:

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@gabotion your level of chillness is something we should all aspire for. :stuck_out_tongue:

I like the free extra rewards.

I’m frustrated by the bottleneck and difficulties in the arena, however I can live with them.

However, I mostly dislike the PvP seasons because they are still the same. Old. Thing.

Where are any advancements stated in Ludia’s own 1.5 release notes from nearly half a year ago? I want some change, new stuff (NOT necessarily free just new), adventure, freshness, etc.

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I did have my Erlidom ready to roll after a speed up strike finished of Tryko… Someone brought in one 4 levels lower that had 1/4 health left and you all know what happened. :poop: Happens to us all. haha

Oh and one of my alliance mates, Eddie whom I will forever refer to as Evil Eddie used his L30 Dracocerotops on me 3 times in 1 battle this morning… the 3rd one he didn’t even need to do,
could have just rampaged me with his Tryko… Evil with a capital E.


I only hate it because of the DNA rewards…

I love the arena a ton. PvP here is really enjoyable to me. It’s the game’s number 1 superior part over Pokemon Go. It feels like you get a 2 game in 1 deal. If you feel like walking around, fantastic, you go and get some DNA, if you want to play around with something for a while, you can enjoy the arena from anywhere.
I almost never have a time that I don’t have an incubator waiting to open. When that’s the case, the tournaments and the rewards from them are just a bonus to something I already enjoy. I unlocked Aviary after the previous tournament end, and I am now dancing around 4500, so I may end up camping for the first time. But that’s not really a show stopper for me.


I don’t dislike them (Hey it’s free stuff)
But they are pointless.
Maybe if they didn’t reset trophies.
I don’t get my kicks off from pummeling people in the 4500 area for 2 to 3 days.
If they didn’t reset trophies and I was actually battling against peers? Maybe.
But resetting trophies just seems like a cruel thing to do to those under 4500 trophies.
For 2 to 3 days we will be slaughtering them and it’s really not our fault.
And maybe a decent reward other than cash, coins and crap DNA.
The winner should get an actual trophy mailed to them.
That would be cool
EDIT: They can at least update the reset threshold to 5500.
5500 trophies non-tourney pretty much has a shot at the top 500 without ticking off the playerbase.

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I don’t like them and I wouldn’t participate in them if I didn’t have to get daily battle incubators required for daily missions… :confused: First few days are nightmare as you have to battle against teams of high level dinos.

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I just love battling in general. I battle the same as when there is a tournament as when there isn’t. Could care less about the rewards. I’d battle anyways. So i guess u could say i like them. They dont affect my gameplay any differently tho

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The “tournament” is fine I guess, but I would sure love to hear a Ludia employee explain what they’re trying to achieve with the trophy reset…


This I can get behind. I like the tourney but it isnt anything exciting of “special”… That being said my friend, they gave us something new and interesting with the Lord Lythronax event and people complained. Something new, complaints, same old stuff, complaints. People should try to see it from Ludias perspective, people complain about anything


I used to enjoy the Pvp. I do not care for battles where I really do not stand a chance, even if RNG is on my side. I do not care what trophy count I am at, I am usually in the 4100 range. It means nothing to me. But the tourney resets really upset the balance in my range. Not just the beginning, for the whole thing.

I do not blame most of the players, it is what it is.

Players get reset to 4500, so I will get them as opponents. Those that were reset to 4500 get pummeled by folks above them, who were reset lower. Those who were reset to 5000 trophies get beat down by the top players taking up their trophies. I end up battling against teams who should be at 5000 trophies and lost trophies in battle. I only battle for incubators so do not lose trophies really fast and stay in this range. I battle opponents who were reset down and beat down. They are battling to go back up and those of us who are not tournament battlers are caught up in the crossfire.

Let me try again… I can face those level 28 teams that just pummel me, they win very few trophies because I am that much lower than they are. Next opponent I may win, but I win more trophies than they do (if they won) because they were that much higher than I was. They win less trophies because I am so much lower than they are. It keeps folks like me right in the mix if we win one or two. Since they have so many more trophies, I would have to lose a ton of battles to drop significantly to where it made a difference.

But then… I do not want to drop on purpose because then I am the one beating up on the lower players.


If they dont reset trophies every so often the rop people will climb too high to catch. The point of all of this is the reset line of 4500 is roughly where they feel youll be capable of competing at a high level so every so often they even you out and give people a chance

Oh, I know. I’m in facilities management at a college. Literally everything I do, ever, is wrong. Especially if any change is involved.

But Ludia didn’t commit to our Lord Lythronax last November. :slight_smile: Just add some spice to the Tourneys. Mix it up. 8 seasons of the same thing, when other interactive content is reduced, seems like a step backwards for engagement. Just my feedback.


I think the tourney, because of what it is, cant actually be changed much. I would love to see new types of events but perhaps they are working on things. Lord Lythronax was an interesting gateway to things, I love community events with major boss fights. 24hrs as an alliance to kill a dino with 10m hp or something


I just laugh when people whine about fighting teams levels above them. Everyone cried when bots gave trophies and the tougher players were thousands of trophies above everyone else because they claimed they had no chance at catching them. Now the tough teams are wandering around within their range and it’s just more crying. You’re getting exactly what you asked for.


Players around 4500 trophies couldn’t care less about bots giving trophies. Nobody asks to face level 30 teams when yours are around 22-25.