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Does anyone dart Dino’s anymore

Personally I don’t dart any Dino’s aside from sono compy dodo and rhino and some of those are exclusives so I rarely see them anyways so I end up only darting things on Saturday and Sunday does anyone else have this issue


Since Ludia has stopped the 350 darts for 100 coins, I have stopped darting common creatures. I only dart rare and epic from now on.


I only dart if I really need it or if they are exclusives, otherwise, I let them pass.


I dart everything when I feel like it. Sometimes I ignore stuff, but generally dart most things even commons. Never know when new uniques will come that will require lots of their dna.


Using an alt account, I now really have to use my darts sparingly, as I use up more darts than I can collect, so now it’s just dart what I need, but if I was on my main account I’d still probably dart everything that wasn’t a common

I still dart creatures for the daily missions and alliance missions, but most of the time I only dart what I need.

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I dart everything. Even particularly if I already have the dino maxed out, since I know I’ll be able to fill tons of requests with it. You never know what you will need and when. Look at Mono2… A simple VERY common dino, that suddenly many players want because they don’t have enough to level Scorpius3…

For those that don’t have enough darts, the good news is that in the datamine, I believe they will raise the limit to 350???.. I guess it would help those players who don’t move a lot?

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I dart everything because even though I don’t need the DNA anymore someone in my Alliance might want it. Plus it’s a requirement on most daily missions.


I only dart what I need. Idk why but darting seems kinda boring these days

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I have noticed that the longer you continue to play the less you need to go out hunting because any new creatures will end up in sanctuaries by your fellow Alliance members or appears in strike towers or incubator rewards. You move from hunting for DNA to just fighting in the Arena, which is a shame really.

I sometime think that’s the biggest problem with most players. They forget how important missions are, particularly alliance mission. If you don’t dart, you’re not helping your alliance, and sure enough, more than likely won’t get the awesome Unique Dna that Ludia give us every months.

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I only dart when need to I normally get my dna from requests raids sanctuaries pvp incubators plain old incubators strike towers and the other dna towers

I only go for things I need for hybrids, along with the exclusives and the Legendaries and Uniques that they put out for events.

I do when I NEED dna, but apart from that I don’t dart to open

O no!!! I’m sry you lost your account @Snake_Dude, I know that sucks!!

i dart everything.

Now that I’m maxed out on a lot of DNA and I only need exclusive/apex DNA for the most part, I don’t dart as much as I used to. I do my share to help with missions, though.

I suspect that Ludia has noticed a decline in darting since they removed the dart offer from the shop. Latest datamine shows them increasing the number of darts we can hold from 140 to 350 and giving out more from the free inc.

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That’s a good news if that materialises.

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i hope they do increase the dart storage. i’ve got plenty but once that supply runs out it will be nice to carry more.

almost zero darting for me… just the weekly boring boss raids for PvP

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