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Does anyone else find raids to be a chore now?

I think the thing that is killing raids for me is that so many new players want to be carried, and everyone feels like they need the raid dna or they are going to somehow miss out on something. I think the problem is that people raid for the end result, rather than the fun of battling a boss with friends. Every time a new boss comes out, the first question asked in our discord is: “what’s the strat with the lowest level requirements?” Never much excitement about actually battling the new boss, just how do we get the DNA.

I think a possible solution could be making bosses a bit easier (or not), but randomizing the moves they play each turn rather than always the same ones. This would get rid of strategies and bring back the thrill of the unknown, which is really lacking.

Then bring in a system where you still get a percentage of the boss dna even if you lose (maybe a certain amount per round/turn survived), which would let lower level players get their rewards without constantly bugging the carriers. The lower level players might have to do the raid 4 or 5 times to get the full amount of dna, but the established players don’t have to spend the majority of their play time doing the same raid using the same strategy each time, just to carry others.

I remember how awesome it was the first time we beat a unique boss without a strategy, but now I just can’t even be bothered half paying attention so that I don’t accidentally use the wrong move from the strat and make us have to surrender to try all over again.


I find raids to be completely boring after you beat them for the first time - and I definitely agree, they’re a chore, and I’m finding it harder to find people to raid with at the time I’m available to raid. I’m just unlocking them and leaving them, I don’t have the patience to raise them to level 30 (except Hadros, I genuinely like her).


I don’t find them boring as such but I would rather not have to spend 15 to 20 minutes on a single raid battle. I’d much prefer that the raids worked the same way as they do in JWtG but with the team aspect included.


I don’t even do anything besides Apex raids now and it feels like a chore. I know I could skip them, but considering the raids are the only way to get Apex DNA and Apexes are the best creatures in the game, I kind of have to raid if I want to stay competitive.

I think the biggest problem is how long the raids take. Something like Mortem is fine; it usually takes under 10 minutes to find a team and do the raid. It’s such a quick raid that I don’t mind jumping in and helping multiple groups when they need a fourth. But most of the other raids take 15-20 minutes not even including finding a team, and some of them can fail in round three even when you use big teams. It’s annoying enough doing my one per day; I am not helping multiple groups through.

Please, Ludia… I know you want to inflate our time spent in game and that’s why you’re making all these raids 3-4 rounds and including counter-attacks that take forever, but you’re just burning a lot of us out. I can’t speak for everyone, but I personally would love shorter, harder raids.


They’ve always been a chore.


I think the problem is, there seems to be less and less creatures that are useful in raids. Which means it’s far less like playing a fun game and more like structured work. I love having fun and figuring out how we can beat a boss, but after 8 tries and we still can’t even get out of the first round, everyone just gets frustrated and leaves.
I do agree they should be a challenge, but if you don’t have one of 6 Dinos and or it isn’t level 28 and boosted to wahzoo, then you just can’t do it. Which is kind of sad.

How are they a chore?

You hit a nail on this, I have been playing less and less and considering dropping the game because so much of what they’re doing is intended to keep you playing for HOURS every day and I play a mobile game to AVOID the deep time commitment. The game has always been extremely casual for me, I’ve never really dedicated time to go hunt I just do it while I walk my dog and that was enough time for me to be competitive. These days if you’re not willing to spend all your waking hours playing you’re missing out.


yeah i’m stuck at the Library cos i don’t have any Apex and the only way to get them is to find people to raid with which is very random and difficult. It is boring and unnecessarily long and they only allow one raid (for the DNA) per day which means it is very difficult to find people to raid towards the end of the day when everyone has done theirs. I’m playing less JWA and more Brawl Stars now!

Raids always have been a chore. At least after you beat it the first time.

Once you have a strategy that works (and a not so terrible alliance), the only challenge with raids is to not fall asleep while doing them. And of course pray that nobody gets disconnected because of how bad raids have been implemented :slight_smile:

A few of the raids are quick and easy… even Morty

Then you get Stygi, Haast, Ref etc which take forever because of counter attacks. Those could really be sped up.

I don’t like the arena much, so I get the majority of my battling done by raiding.

I do enjoy helping players get that vital apex dna and the lower level players get their rare, epic, legendary and unique dna.

I will often hit TC in our alliance for takedowns and battles thanks to the raids and I’ve made so many online friends through them.

It would be nice if the rewards for raids were a bit better after the first success though.

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gbax is the hardest apex boss. and its 4 round which is tiring. make it 3 round please ludia

I feel like raids would be more fun if they gave more creatures group effects for example antarcs instant ferocity, they could make that a group ferocity.
Another example is dig in, there shouldn’t be 2 versions of the move, dig in should always be a Taunting move.
With group attacks I feel 50/50 because of the addition of the flocks.
Feel like with these changers it would bring different strategies making it abit different from the last time.
(Edit) But raids are by far the best thing ludia has done with the game.

Why are raids for you the best thing Ludia has done with the game?

Just asking out of curiosity as for me it is exactly the opposite. For me it was the worst decision.
Well, maybe not decision itself. Do see that raids could be an interesting addition to the game. But not if it is implemented like this.

Just struggle to understand what people do like in looking 20-30 minutes in a screen just to push 10-15 buttons. I mean, 95%+ of the raid is waiting times and watching the same animations over and over again.

A raid for me maybe would be interesting if there would be some diversity in them. Different Minions every week, different order of moves, etc…
Without this I already know upfront that I will win the battle unless somebody gets disconnected or falls asleep.

A lot of people actually do hate raids (or the way they have been implemented) but feel forced to do them because the Apexes are so much OP.

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For me raids are the most boring part of the game, especially Lux ( 4 rounds with counter attack, bleehh). Sure they are fun when you defeat them for the first time but its getting boring and boring, even more boring than arena. I hope Ludia make the raid shorter, but a bitt harder and change its move every update (at least for the Apex, unique, and Legendary).

I just like team play, working as a team.
Found a great alliance and some new friends through raids.
I can see why people hate them especially lux and gorgo
Lux - the counter animation is so slow
Gorgo - can loose on the finale round due to a crit.
But overall I think there are more goods than bads

Another benefit is using different creatures I would never use for example the mammo raid where you go what every creature you want to win

Totally agree, for me i do 1 apex a week and that’s Cera, i just don’t have the rest on my team because of the time commitment. It’s a shame that they’re so OP because you really need them on your team to stay competitive if they keep making them ridiculously overpowered. If i had to play 7 days a week and somehow organise raids every single day to stop myself from losing i’d probably quit the game. Fortunately i’m only at 5k trophies so i can carry myself with uniques

When we’re they not a chore?

I don’t mind that raids have basically become puzzles for the community to “solve” in the form of strategies…I do mind how long it takes to execute a raid. The time sink required to deal with constant disconnection/lobby failures on top of the already brutally long animations for counter attacks and 4 round raids is what hurts the feature for me. And that’s if it’s a flawless raid…which is not always the case. However, I certainly find this mechanic to be less of a chore than spinning stops for boosts…which are even more required than apex DNA is to do anything in the game.