Does anyone else see right through the sweepstakes?

Let me explain. Ludia/Jam City’s actions are causing people to drop this game like a hot coal from a fire. They know they are ruining the faith of the current community. So, they use a fraction of the microtransaction revenue to send 3 people to Orlando Studios. The only way to enter? Market their game for them. To me, it seems like they’re hoping that in an effort to win the sweepstakes, people will end up sharing this game with people who are unaware of the business model or are unaware of the terrible state of the game, thus getting fresh new whales who are willing to pay exorbitant amounts of money.

Or, you know, there’s a new Jurassic World movie that’s being released in the next few days so Universal is using the opportunity to promote the IP and JWA by extension.

Besides, I’m only disappointed that Universal Studios Singapore and/or Beijing isn’t part of the sweepstakes. I’ve been to Hollywood several times, and will gladly take a free trip to Universal Orlando as I’ve never been there, but if given the chance I’d pick the Singapore or Beijing park over Orlando just to do a bit of global traveling.

Plus, the Beijing park has that incredible Indominus Rex animatronic that actually chases the ride vehicle, while the Singapore park looks to be the best themed park of Universal’s theme park chain.

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I would think that, if the ways to enter involved the new movie in any way.

I sincerely doubt Universal would agree to give out free tickets and a stay at one of their hotels just because it’s the game’s 4th anniversary

i didn’t bother reading because i figured it had to do with traveling and i’m not going anywhere :rofl:

JWA’s 4th anniversary is an added bonus really. this sweepstakes is more for the promotion of the final JW movie in this trilogy.

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