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Does anyone else think it's odd

That you are in battle against your own Guild members.

My first battle with Guild Flags, very intense and exciting btw, and I fought my mate.

Doesn’t seem right🤔

PS Had it concluded differently, CITY WATCH may have been down a member😂

I mean technically there is supposed to be a guild vs guild event. In fact it was touted on the last patch. However instead of bringing us the one guild event that might possibly not be boring as hell (hellow fighting same boss or same room over and over) they instead waiting 2 months and then rolled out some other stuff and we still have not seen the guild vs guild and I am thinking its not going to happen at all in all honesty. they probably cant figure out how to make it work so just abandoned it.

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I was fighting guild members before the update, so no.

I think fighting your own guild members prior to the update or now is illogical and silly.

You prefer fighting level 20 bots ?

Not the point. And I get to fight them too🤪

As the gulld leader, its my responsibility to look after the guild’s best interests.

And fighting amongst ourselves…

during ToM, yes. I can more reliably beat bots than people. Its more fun to fight real people but when using my resources (gems) i would rather have easier wins.