Does anyone else?

Does anyone else think its really satisfying to absolutely destroy overboosted suchotators and dracocerats.


Rats, always… Suchos? Nah, poor things… They are crap since immunity took over the game


rats, sure. haven’t seen a sucho in months.

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Where i am in the arena its full of level 22+ boosted suchos, ankylocodons too, but i have more sympathy for those (first hybrid).

Don’t worry, they’ll soon start disappearing. Till then, try working on another immune creature to counter them

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I defeated a lvl 30 with my 23 dilorach felt very proud but also guilty I destroyed my once most beloved creature

Ludia: dId YoU sAy ImMuNuE To NuLlIfIcATiOn

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As for rats always never feel any pity

Cant tell you how many battles ive lost due to swap in rats

Nah, neither of those are a pest to me nowadays. Indoraptor G2 however…
Kill it with kapros!


Does that actually work? The best counter for indo gen 2 i found is titanoboa.

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I was lucky here. I don’t remember what I hit it with before swapping in Kapro, but apparently it didn’t go for speed up.

My Dracorat revenge is not over yet. There are still so many with a stupid amount of boosts and it’s great to smash them.

I’m facing more Dracos as time goes on. It’s weird really.
It might be in response to all the recent Maximas and Geminis, either that or its teams that were higher up when DC was OP, that are now dropping down to my level because of the nerf.